UPDATE 4: The Pictures

Ah, okay... we got sidetracked into putting window film up. I completely forgot about the pictures of me a la roman. Since I'm lazy, I probably won't get to it until next weekend - and I'll post some from our dinner at Roy's ($35 for three courses!) Saturday night and perhaps even a blind date with Maneli before we meet up with everybody for dinner. Or after. How'd that come up, you ask? Well, Maneli, recently getting over the ex-boyfriend who officially broke up with her on her birthday last year, found the site and asked me to do one of the foursome blind dates with her. I'm down. I'm cool. I'm hip. All da men want my phone number... New wig for that one too. Ah, I better start looking for a babysitter now!


Lovebabz said…
So does this mean you went after all? I am lost and a post behind?

So you went? You have photos? Girl you better get those photos up on this blog!!!!!!!!! We are ALL invested in this! Come on!
No, she didn't get to go, but she's going to show us what she would have looked like if she had gone.

Waiting patiently here... ;)
Ndelible said…

I will post photos. I don't know if I'll get to it during the week. Sorry about yesterday, but we totally got sidetracked! We're scheduled to go out Saturday night. I'm thinking I'll do the toga outfit first and then the dinner outfit. I'll have pics of both - each with different wigs!

I promise!!!
Lovebabz said…
OK I am really in heaven!...he is related to Barrack Obama! Can he get any sexier?!

Ndelible said…
Babz ~~

Yes, I saw that too and didn't add it. That just makes him all the sexier!!!!

Go Brad!

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