UPDATE 3: Toga Party

DRs ~~

I'm very sorry to report that after all that sturm und drang - I ended up not going to the party! Before the arrows start flying, let me explain.

Sick child.

That's it. Been messing with Cam since Thursday evening, but didn't make the decision that I was waaay too tired to head out to a party at 7pm Saturday until 430pm Saturday. Yes, that's right, I was giving up hope until the last moment. Forget that I didn't get out to get a mani/pedi. But was that going to stop me? No way. I was going to put on some very un-Roman flat skimmers instead. And that was because I didn't get out to buy sandals like I wanted. Was I discouraged? Nope. I was going. I even reiterated that to MC Friday afternoon - promised to tell him all about it.

Seriously, I really am disappointed that I didn't go. My decision to go by myself had morphed into a societal statement on the status and freedom of single women. But forces were against me -- I guess I should have known when Cam's dad could not take him for the night. Usually, he's v good at taking him when it's not his weekend. However, he was scheduled to be out of town. And, single parents know that arranging and finding folk to take care of temperamental, sick toddlers is no easy feat. I was/am ready to get away from the continuous loop of Thomas the Tank Engine house arrest I've been under since Friday night. Oh well. What also haunts me is that if I had a date, I would have had to cancel and throw a wrench in all their costume travails. Then how silly would I feel? Guess all's well that ends well, right?

But, this is the compromise for you DRs. Since I've cancelled everything, including picking up the Dadster for the usual every other Sunday lunch, due to sicky Cam, I'm having GF Tracy come over and take my picture in the outfit I was planning to wear (wig included). I don't know if I can muster up make up, but I hope I will be able to scare up a reasonable facsimile of what I planned on looking like last night. I will post the pic as a separate post later tonight. And I'll take one of Cam in his diaper, looking like Mowgli without a tan. It's not a play by play of how fione I looked and how all the men slavishly fell at my feet, but hey, it's something!



I hope Cam is feeling better.
Ndelible said…
RHG ~~

The scary part is that he has multiple personality disorder with this little bug. One minute he's screaming bloody murder (mostly when either Thomas or Bob the Builder aren't playing on my TV), or he's incredibly tired or he's extremly loving or he's demanding as heck, running around. Oh, the bazillion faces of Cam!!! Pictures coming later today!
Lovebabz said…
Bummer! But I understand a sick. I hope is feeling better?
Ndelible said…

He's okay, running around but coughing up a storm!! One more day and then it's to the doctor, that's for sure.

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