UPDATE 2: Toga Party Date Watch

Well, since Reasonably Happy Gal and Babz wrote some sense into me, I've decided to attend this great soiree alone. Yup, that's right, I'll be heading on down dressed in the most flattering toga/roman/greek outfit I can find! I waited all day to inform MC that I was letting him off the hook. I think he really was torn. Unfortunately for me, he was still at work. I was hoping to catch him on his way home, so we could speak freely. Ah, but that was not to be. It was fairly short but sweet. It went something like this:

ME: I've got good news and I've got bad news.

MC: Oh yeah? What is it?

ME: The good news is I finally figured out where the heck the party is. It's way too far for you, so I'm letting you off the hook. I'd never ask anyone to drive that far. I'm going alone...in the cutest outfit I can find.

MC: Where is the party?

ME: Los Alamitos. I had no idea; that's not what it said on the invitation. It said Rossmoor. I've no idea where Rossmoor is.

MC: Those orgies are secret; they don't tell you where they're being held.

ME: Well, if that's what the party turns out to be, I'll have to tell you all about it...

MC: What's the bad news?

ME: Well, you won't be spending a scintillating evening with me.

MC: (laughs) That's true...

ME: But I'm sure the news makes your week.

MC: Which one?

ME: The bad news...

MC: (interrupts) The bad news?

ME: No, I mean the good news. God, selling myself short there, huh?

MC: (laughs) Yeah...

And then on to work related stuff.

That exchange didn't go exactly as I'd hoped, but.... on the bright side, I'm letting go. Other opportunities will come. And if they don't.... I'll let go of being mad at the universe for doing right by me.

The bad part, DR, is that I will not have pictures of MC & I to post for your enjoyment (and envy). It'll just be me - but I'm willing to share.


Lovebabz said…

Take pictures!
Take a picture with the high school crush guy. Let us see him. LOL.

It's still a few days till the party, who knows what/who will happen.

Very happy you're going to go. So, no close girlfriend to ask??
Ndelible said…
Babz ~~

Yeap, I'm going! Okay, I'll take pix. Just for you all, though.

RHG ~~

Great idea! I'll take one with Brady. I've decided not to go with anybody. I'm going solo. It'll be harder and I'll have to mingle, mingle, mingle!
Hi there! I'm here by way of babz through Mr Johnson (wasn't that a great post on Obama?) and I wanted to say - Good for you! I'm a single mom too and though I've had a great boyfriend for many years now, he is often very busy and a tad anti-social so I am very used to going to events on my own. I kinda love it actually! When I am with him, I tend to have to pay attention to him and keep him with me which hinders my mingling :-) Have a great time.
Ndelible said…
T ~~

Welcome! And thanks so much for the encouragement. I've gone to plenty of things alone in the past, so... But, one can always use more practice in dealing with people and honing those ever important flirting skills!

And yes, the post was fabulous! I can't believe how fast things are moving in this race. It's exhilirating and scary as heck. This weekend, I'll be figuring how much I'll send for this month. And, as we get closer to PA, I'm finally going to phonebank.

Fired up and ready to go!!!!!

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