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Fione Man of the Month

Brad Pitt
After all that searching and thinking, it became clear to me today that Mr. Pitt is my Fione Man of not only this month, but perhaps even for the year. News hit today that he along with Angelina Jolie had given over $8 million dollars to charity last year. Now, I'm the first to say that I was always on Team Brangelina. Jen didn't want to have kids and Brad did. Now, hey, they're gonna six kids after Angelina gives birth to the twins. See, he wanted kids! And they give back. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!
Ten shout outs and lotsa love to the glamour couple who is giving glamour couples a good name. And, as an aside, he's kinda FIONE!

UPDATE 4: The Pictures

Ah, okay... we got sidetracked into putting window film up. I completely forgot about the pictures of me a la roman. Since I'm lazy, I probably won't get to it until next weekend - and I'll post some from our dinner at Roy's ($35 for three courses!) Saturday night and perhaps even a blind date with Maneli before we meet up with everybody for dinner. Or after. How'd that come up, you ask? Well, Maneli, recently getting over the ex-boyfriend who officially broke up with her on her birthday last year, found the site and asked me to do one of the foursome blind dates with her. I'm down. I'm cool. I'm hip. All da men want my phone number... New wig for that one too. Ah, I better start looking for a babysitter now!

UPDATE 3: Toga Party

DRs ~~

I'm very sorry to report that after all that sturm und drang - I ended up not going to the party! Before the arrows start flying, let me explain.

Sick child.

That's it. Been messing with Cam since Thursday evening, but didn't make the decision that I was waaay too tired to head out to a party at 7pm Saturday until 430pm Saturday. Yes, that's right, I was giving up hope until the last moment. Forget that I didn't get out to get a mani/pedi. But was that going to stop me? No way. I was going to put on some very un-Roman flat skimmers instead. And that was because I didn't get out to buy sandals like I wanted. Was I discouraged? Nope. I was going. I even reiterated that to MC Friday afternoon - promised to tell him all about it.

Seriously, I really am disappointed that I didn't go. My decision to go by myself had morphed into a societal statement on the status and freedom of single women. But forces were against me -- I guess I should have known when Cam…

UPDATE 2: Toga Party Date Watch

Well, since Reasonably Happy Gal and Babz wrote some sense into me, I've decided to attend this great soiree alone. Yup, that's right, I'll be heading on down dressed in the most flattering toga/roman/greek outfit I can find! I waited all day to inform MC that I was letting him off the hook. I think he really was torn. Unfortunately for me, he was still at work. I was hoping to catch him on his way home, so we could speak freely. Ah, but that was not to be. It was fairly short but sweet. It went something like this:

ME: I've got good news and I've got bad news.

MC: Oh yeah? What is it?

ME: The good news is I finally figured out where the heck the party is. It's way too far for you, so I'm letting you off the hook. I'd never ask anyone to drive that far. I'm going the cutest outfit I can find.

MC: Where is the party?

ME: Los Alamitos. I had no idea; that's not what it said on the invitation. It said Rossmoor. I've no…

Let Go & Let Flow

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am decidedly not a religious person. However, I am very spiritual. I guess you could call me a smorgasbord spiritualist. It doesn't matter where the sentiment comes from if it speaks truth to power. I got emailed this little ditty the other day and by goodness, if I did not mail it out to a host of my girlfriends before you could bat an eye.I am forever trying to let go of the pain, the doubt, the fear; reminding myself that if it is meant to be, it will come to me. I try, each day, to banish the fear and live in love. And love is letting go. We all need to be reminded – if we let go, we let the love flow to us rather than away from us. A picture of my favorite piece of art in the world is below. As a mother, I cannot imagine how it felt to let go of that - of her son. Yet, the acceptance is something that Michelangelo was able to give a slab of marble. I imagine he went with the flow. And so it is.

Let it go for 2008...
by T. D. Jakes…