UPDATE: Toga Party Date Watch

Still no toga for me, although I found quite a few possibilities on the Web. I had the idea to take advantage of the fact that I live in costume capital of the world and actually go out and find one that looks good. That was before this afternoon.
Standing around in a group with MC and his crew plus Skinny Gal, we were talking work until MC brought up the party, again mentioning how horrid he looks in a toga. Okay, I was pretty surprised he brought this up in front of his crew, but I decided to play it like I've been playing it with Chris this week - bawdy.

The day before, I actually offered to sleep with Chris if he went to the party with me. He smirked and said something about forgetting about the party and just having sex. I smiled and said that something had to be in it for me. In spite of my very generous offer, he strongly (as opposed to politely) declined.

So, back to today - MC says he's not exactly saying no - but he might have a conflict, someones birthday (and from the undercurrent and the mention of a "she", I figure she's gotta be someone he's schtupping, but who am I to judge?). I teased him that this conflict never came up before - before the mention of togas... What does a gal have to do to get a man to wear a friggin' toga???? Dinner, meat, drinks, blow jobs... Yeah, I went there - right in front of everybody. Since I swear like a sailor, I decided no reason to change me because I may have a thing for MC. Nope, if I'm gonna channel Atia, I'm not going to back down.



Although, as the conversation went on and on and on, I began to feel a heavy weight. I was, basically, begging. Part of me just couldn't understand what the big deal was about wearing a toga. The other part of me hated the idea of showing up to yet another event alone.

The upshot was something about MC having skinny legs found out when he wore a gladiator outfit a couple of years back. Ah huh, so what was the big deal about wearing a toga; one I might add that I was going to make sure was long? Halloween he says. This is not Halloween. No, this is waaay more important than Halloween. This is the guy that I loved and pined over for years and I'm going to be in his house where his beautiful wife and charming children live! This is about my whole self portrait! This is about teenage Ndel finally being put to rest. Yeah, this is waaay more important than Halloween could ever be!

In a nutshell, I still don't have a definitive no from MC, but I'm not hopeful. Tracy says I should focus on the fact that he said yes. It's the whole toga thing that's mucking it up. Don't remind me. I know it's the toga. Chris would have said yes but for the toga. Now, same holds true for MC.

On the ride home, I reached the end of my rope when I remembered that not only were married people that I went to school with 20 years ago going to be there, but also contemporary colleagues too! I had completely forgotten that since he Brady (the Crush) now works in my industry, people from his company, many whom I've known for years, will mostly likely be there as well. And then it hit me.

Can you say "LOSER"?

That would mean not going at all.

One of MC's crew members asked me where the party is going to be held. I realized that I didn't really know. So, I when I got home, I Google mapped the house (and yes, I love Google). It's pretty far for MC - he lives in Santa Clarita and the party is going to be in Los Alamitos. For you folks who aren't in Southern California, that's like 60 miles plus; an arduous ride even for us freeway loving Angelenos. I decided that I would tell him that the distance is too great for a late night drive home; he's off the toga hook completely.

So in short DRs, I, most likely, will not attend the party by myself. This is hard for me - as most people obsess over their high school reunions, this party is such for me. I'm torn. I'm disappointed. I hate the idea that a theme stands between me and a little ego revenge. I can't believe Brady's excluding me! It's the 9th grade all over again.

But, on the bright side, I did ask three men out this week and two said yes. That's something, isn't it?

Spinsterhood calls.


Going alone says more positive things about how you feel about yourself than NOT going because you don't have anyone to take with you.

Ask a girlfriend to go if you don't want to be there alone. Even when I had a steady man, I'd always ask Best Friend to go places with me. She is much more fun to be around. Guaranteed good time, whereas my ex was very particular about the type of people he would hang around - and my coworkers didn't usually make the cut. He's in journalism, my colleagues and I have engineering and/or other technical degrees.

It's neither sin nor crime to be happily single (unless you're not happy, still not a crime though) and anyplace without a guy to escort you. And if people can't respect that, they're very immature. And that's on them.

Find your perfectly flattering toga and go to the party.
Ndelible said…
RHG ~~

I have decided to continue my toga search - if I find one this is off the hook, then I'm going by myself. I'm giving myself a week to stew it over.

It's not that I'm unhappily single - it was simply this party is one that I don't want to go alone. Most social things like this only get a boyfriend when we've been dating quite a while. Like you said, best friends are so much better with the whole socializing thing.

In my mind, this is not a regular party - it's more like a high school reunion with a business mixer thrown in. Yikes. That calls for, as Babz has coined, a GUG (guy under glass).

Regardless of if I go to the party or not, you can bet that I am going to reserve MC's chit as a GUG for future use! And, I'm going to think of an appropriate get-back for Chris. He really should suffer for not helping his girl out!
Lovebabz said…
Cut that bullshit! Get a sheet...ah er.. toga and take your beautiful ass to the PARTY. What! You better go! Please you are way better than that. Come on you are a grown woman, going alone is not code for loser, it simply means that you are there on your own steam! Your own merrits! Your own time!

Ndelible said…
Babz ~~

Just the laugh I needed! Next weekend Cam with be with his father, so I will devote myself to costume & wig shopping. Perhaps topping off the day with dinner at Roy's downtown (hey, can't really pass up that $35 prixe fixe three course meal, now can I?).

I'll be going to the party alone. By myself. Solo. Without borders. Numero uno.


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