Fione Man of the Month

Dear Reader,

You might have noticed that I've been more than a bit tardy in naming a Fione Man of the Month for a while now. It's not that I wasn't thinking about it (him). Nope, quite the contrary, I've been wondering just who I would stumble across next. The problem is that I didn't want to name one of the usual suspects (Clooney, Affleck, Kravitz, etc). I wanted to find someone new and refreshing.

But, haven't found anyone just yet that fits that bill.

Then, I thought, I'd really like to name Mr. Casablanca (MC), now that I have a quite stolen picture of him (pilfered from his MySpace page - it's private ya'll - and I am not a friend). I wanna share my little corner of the world, but, ah, would it be terrible to post without his permission?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Then I had a better idea. A much better one. A fione man is a fione man, and so this month's fione man is --

Your choice. Your man. Your dream. Your desire.

He's any man you want him to be.


John Stamos is MY fione man of a lifetime. Others may come and go, but he has been a constant for as long as I can remember.

And you were right to NOT post MC without his permission. There would be nothing worse than getting cold-busted (however that could/would happen.)
Ndelible said…
RHG ~~

You know, John Stamos has grown on me over the years. I think he gets better with age; unlike many. Lucky man.

I have others for the future including Matthew McConahey, George Clooney, Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt (I'm loving him lately with all of his activism and charity of late). I was just looking for a "new" face. And I don't just want to focus on Hollywood types either. Business and philanthrophic nominations are welcome too! Oh, I just thought of a new one, Michael Chablon (an avid Obama supporter!).

Until next month....

Yeah, I have like eight pics of MC - a couple even without a shirt!!!! But, but... even if I forgo the crush (been pondering it) and become just friends with him - there is such a thing as an archive and I'm sure he knows how to use it. I've only mentioned that I write a blog once (in the context of his also doing some writing), so it's possible that one day he might ask for the URL one day (he seems to not forget anything we talk about). And then what would I say? Better yet, what if we actually do go out and... I'll just have to explain that every aspect of my life is up for "creative" sharing...
Lovebabz said…
Terrence Howard. Terrence Howard!

Blair Underwood--have you seen him in HBO's "In Treatment" He looks amazing.
However, we might be able to arrange for me and Babz to see some pics of MC later... LOL.
Ndelible said…
Babz ~~

Yes, Terrence Howard! I have DVR'd In Treatment, so I haven't seen an episode yet, although my buddy Chris says it's great. I'm going to watch them all on one of my free weekends (hopefully, a rainy, cold one).

RHG ~~

Ha! Hmmm, perhaps I better put up or shut up - lest I build up expectations of what MC looks like! I like to say he's closest to a beefy Jude Law.

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