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UPDATE: Toga Party Date Watch

Still no toga for me, although I found quite a few possibilities on the Web. I had the idea to take advantage of the fact that I live in costume capital of the world and actually go out and find one that looks good. That was before this afternoon.
Standing around in a group with MC and his crew plus Skinny Gal, we were talking work until MC brought up the party, again mentioning how horrid he looks in a toga. Okay, I was pretty surprised he brought this up in front of his crew, but I decided to play it like I've been playing it with Chris this week - bawdy.

The day before, I actually offered to sleep with Chris if he went to the party with me. He smirked and said something about forgetting about the party and just having sex. I smiled and said that something had to be in it for me. In spite of my very generous offer, he strongly (as opposed to politely) declined.

So, back to today - MC says he's not exactly saying no - but he might have a conflict, someones birthday (and from the…

Look Ma! I Asked Men Out!

Ah, how the times bring us opportunities! Remember my high school crush that I went to lunch with from a few months back? Well, he's turning 40 next month and I've been invited to the party. No problem, right? Actually, I am pretty excited to attend. He told me it was a theme party. I figured it would be an 80s theme, so I started thinking about where I could stock up on the argyle and Lacoste.

And then I got the invitation.

It's a toga party.
yea...yippee...woo, I know I don't need to tell you that once I was holding that invite in my hand, it dawned on me that (1) I just could not go by myself and (2) I (and this mystery date) would have to wear a toga.Yeah.

Since I've banished sex from my life in the pursuit of pure romance, I've found that I have very few possibilities for a decent escort. And let me say right now, that I am not following my own life advice. See, I think that women and men should always have someone they can call on who can serv…

Fione Man of the Month

Dear Reader,
You might have noticed that I've been more than a bit tardy in naming a Fione Man of the Month for a while now. It's not that I wasn't thinking about it (him). Nope, quite the contrary, I've been wondering just who I would stumble across next. The problem is that I didn't want to name one of the usual suspects (Clooney, Affleck, Kravitz, etc). I wanted to find someone new and refreshing.
But, haven't found anyone just yet that fits that bill.
Then, I thought, I'd really like to name Mr. Casablanca (MC), now that I have a quite stolen picture of him (pilfered from his MySpace page - it's private ya'll - and I am not a friend). I wanna share my little corner of the world, but, ah, would it be terrible to post without his permission?
Yeah, I thought so too.
Then I had a better idea. A much better one. A fione man is a fione man, and so this month's fione man is --
Your choice. Your man. Your dream. Your desire.
He's any man you want h…

No Office for Single Women

You figure it had to happen.
It's been a minute since I've mentioned Mr. Casablanca. Well, this week, he came roaring back into my life, but not my bed. Not by a longshot. The last couple of weeks, I had been working on forgetting the chap. I was listening to best friend Amber's advice. She said that if he was as smart as he sounds, he wouldn't touch a working romance with a ten foot pole. I tended to see her point. She said, just wait till his project was over and on his last day in the building, ask him out. If he says yes, the better. If he says no, I'd be no worse off. I saw the wisdom in BF's words, so I was meditating myself into celibacy and dealing with seeing hotness on a regular basis without being able to touch. And then. And then...
I'm working with my two gals - Tall Gal and Skinny Gal at our other building and TG breathlessly announces that she has gossip. Did she say gossip? We love gossip. We adore gossip. We eat gossip for late afternoon sna…