The Trouble With Hill Is

After my euphoria over Obama's win in Iowa and then the crash of New Hampshire, I've been quiet. Real quiet. I was still reading articles and following the campaign, but fatigue started to set in. I still bought 100 Obama stickers, three buttons, four hope braclets, a "Got Hope" t-shirt and a lawn sign, but I was worried. People were showing fear and Bill started being very vocal on his wife's behalf. Well, Bill was probably being more vocal on his own behalf, waxing poetic about what it was like for him on the campaign trail and disorting Obama's record, but people have a long memory for things they hoped were better than they really were.

Oh, you didn't know that's what the Clinton campaign has been doing? Let me share just a few tidbits:

- mailers sent out in New Hampshire put forth lies (yes, lies) about Obama's record in the Illinois state legislature, turning his "present" votes that were part of a stragegy with Planned Parenthood (IL) into doubts about his position. Obama maintains a 100% rating with NARAL.

- the words vs. work argument. JFK & MLK dreamed it but it took LBJ to get it done? First, JFK did NOT dream the civil rights movement. He wanted it to go away; it was actually quite a nightmare for him. But, he was starting to face reality and then he got killed. Guess he couldn't do much after that, huh Hillary? And as for LBJ finishing the job - every piece of legislation has to be signed by the President. Duh. Difference is that MLK wasn't president and was never going to be president. Obama can be (I say, must be) president; therefore he can dream and do. The two are not mutually exclusive by any means.

- Mark Penn's multiple references to cocaine use during Hardball with Chris Matthews. Obama already disclosed this in his book, so there was nothing to new, but apparently Penn thought the public needed reminding. I mean, at least Obama had the good judgment to disclose this fact of his past. Bill could only muster a feeble and unbelieveable, "I didn't enhale."

- Bob Johnson's not so subtle innuendo again about Obama doing "something - I won't say what, in the hood" while introducing HRC. He also feigned some fake outrage about calling into question the Clinton's dedication to the black community. After these stunts, I, for one, call into question their commitment and their respect to the black community.

- Bill's feigned dusting down of a reporter, accusing the press of playing the race card. Yeah, right...

- The Clinton campaign's total abandonment of South Carolina, setting it up as a black state to minimize any Obama win there.

- Bill putting the cream on top yesterday. When asked by a reporter if it was fair for both the Clinton's to be piling on Obama, Bill answered with a straight face, no other words in between that, "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in 1984 & 1988..." Now, what that has to do with the price of tea in China is anybody's guess.

A little over five weeks ago, if you asked me who I supported, the answer would be Obama and quickly I would add that I would be happy voting for any of the Democratic nominees. Oh, have times changed. I have never been a fan of Hillary Clinton. I saw her as a very smart woman with her political calculations like tickertape on her forehead. I did not see (and still don't) what the argument is for her to be the president is. It bugged me that the plans for a Hillary presidency were being laid before the Bill presidency was over. And then there is the whole Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton thing. An aristocracy we're not. In spite of those reservations, I would have been quite satisfied to vote for her. Today, no longer.

I cannot over look the way she has run her campaign. Her campaign has become about Bill and less about her; she has become a bit player in her own production. I don't want to be told that electing her would be busting through the glass ceiling, when the very reason she is where she is, is because of her husband. And he has become -no, they've become a co-presidency. Not again - we, as a nation must move on. As one woman put it, "she already had her time in the White House." I also can't forget the very dirty tactics, the distortions, the dismissals and the half-hearted apologies. I don't think Obama shouldn't be criticized or treated with kid gloves. What I do think is that the candidates of the Democratic party should not make a habit of campaigning like the Republicans. They have smeared, lied, shaded, mischaracterized, slimed, cheated and stolen. And they didn't win. I'm one of those who believes that a great many of our elections were fraudulent. They played dirty and they won (NOT) dirty. Why be them? Isn't that the same as republican lite? Are her ideas so lacking that she has to resort to such disagreeable and dishonorable tactics?

And that's what pisses me off most. I don't think the Clintons are racist - no, they're something much worse, they are racial opportunists. They see predjudices and exploit them for their own benefit. Heck, they are opportunists period. The only people who deserve opportunity at this moment, are the citizens of the United States of America. The People are what and who matters. No one is owed political office. No one deserves their "turn". The body politic is wholly dependent on who and what the People decide is needed at the moment. True, most of us have abdicated our part in this process, but, but, but... many are awakening to the call and heeding it. It is for no one to stand between the People and its Will. No, I must dismiss this subversion; fight it.

Remember that song, Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones from a few years back?

I don't want to go back to the 90s. I want to be here, now, because the possibilities are breathtaking.

Got Hope?


Moviezzz said…
Completely agree.

I've been a big Obama fan, but if he doesn't get the nomination, I will have a lot of trouble supporting Hillary because of the way Bill has acted this past week. Just disgusting behavior.

I just heard heard Obama is going to be just a couple miles away from me speaking on Friday!! To me, this is cooler than any rock concert. I just hope I can get in to see him.
Ndelible said…
Oh you lucky man!!! I am seriously considering standing outside of the Kodak Theatre for the debate Thursday just to hold a sign for the cameras. I'm with you. I just don't know what I will do if HRC wins the nomination. I can't let the Supreme Court go, so I'll probably vote for her, but no money and no volunteering and no trying to cajole others into supporting her.

I'm glad to see that at least some of the party establishment, in Ted Kennedy, has chosen country over party. His endorsement speech is quite moving. And I must say that John Kerry's speeches for Barack have been more impassioned than those for his own candidacy. I know it's too much to ask, but a Gore endorsement would be huge, just huge.

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