Thank Gawd Almighty!

I don't even have to wait for 9:00 pm! Obama wins it. Come on now -- lose the people won't vote for a black man or that he doesn't have enough experience. Heck -- those who like Edwards so much, tell me, how much experience does he have? Name it exactly.

Obama is the one. Oprah said it and I still believe it.

Almost free at last!


Liz said…
I know, isn't it amazing! I'm still SO happy!
Me said…
why do you think Obama's Iowa win, even if it ends with him in the White House come January 08, means any change for black people? I don't see it. Even if he focuses 100% of his energy on fixing issues that plague certain segments of "black America," God helps those who help themselves and I just don't foresee a change in the attitudes of a lot of people.
Ndelible said…
Liz --

I was so excited I couldn't contain myself. My mom came in and watched the rest of the evening's coverage with me. She's actually read Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope, but I've been the booster. She sat down and watched and asked me why I was so excited. I said, "he's the one mom." That's all I could say. She watched his speech. Then, she picked up CamCam and sat him on her lap, pointed him toward the TV and said, "that's Barack Obama; he's going to do a lot of great things during your life. Can you say "barack obama"? And he did, although more than a bit mangled. I sat back and rested. New Hampshire next.

Me --

I actually don't see any change for black people with the election of any person. We must have the hope first, something that has been missing since the very early 70s. The election of a black person to any high office helps break down barriers in our minds -- that which keeps us shackled the most.

One of the things that I think the pundits are missing about hope and change and reconciliation, the message of Obama, is that it is truly about our own expectations and desires. Call it a layman's "I AM" and all that follows. The mind must first envision it and make it into being before it births. A very simple, yet very esoteric way of thinking of it.

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