Please Do Yourself A Favor

And check out the final season of The Wire that premieres tomorrow night on HBO. You've probably seen the posters and newspaper ads for it. Believe the hype; it is THAT good. I did not see the first three seasons; I am a johnny come lately (told ya, didn't I?). I started watching last year after concluding that I had to try again since the buzz was so deafening. HBO does a great job of airing catch up episodes before the beginning of the season that help explain the characters and story lines. After watching the preseason shows, I was ready. And I was not disappointed.

This show is good. No, this show is excellent. It's not just the story; it's not just the characters. It's not just the realism, or the truths. It's not the unflinching horror or the frequent moments of humanity. It's everything together. At some point, I plan on renting the first three seasons, just so I can have the full experience. Like I said, don't despair; it's not too late. The season premiere is tomorrow night, HBO 9pm and HBO On Demand. Watch it, rent it, TIVO it - whatever!

You will not be disappointed. I promise.


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