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The Trouble With Hill Is

After my euphoria over Obama's win in Iowa and then the crash of New Hampshire, I've been quiet. Real quiet. I was still reading articles and following the campaign, but fatigue started to set in. I still bought 100 Obama stickers, three buttons, four hope braclets, a "Got Hope" t-shirt and a lawn sign, but I was worried. People were showing fear and Bill started being very vocal on his wife's behalf. Well, Bill was probably being more vocal on his own behalf, waxing poetic about what it was like for him on the campaign trail and disorting Obama's record, but people have a long memory for things they hoped were better than they really were.

Oh, you didn't know that's what the Clinton campaign has been doing? Let me share just a few tidbits:

- mailers sent out in New Hampshire put forth lies (yes, lies) about Obama's record in the Illinois state legislature, turning his "present" votes that were part of a stragegy with Planned Parenthood (…

I Want Sex

And who doesn't?
I'm especially troubled by the net noise espousing that the only ideal life for a BW is marriage. It's not that I am down on marriage, heck, I used to be married. I don't begrudge anyone who wants to be married and I don't discourage them either. Well, that's not true. As a rule, I am against marriage before the age of 28 for either party – and that includes gay marriage as well, if we ever get around to allowing them to express their love on paper like the rest of us. I think that adults should be able to marry who they want. I don't even have a problem with plural marriages. If someone wants to share the cow or the steer, who am I to deny them? So, let's get that pesky little talking point out of the way – I like marriage. I am not against marriage. I am against dumb ones.
What is a woman to do, indeed, a black woman (BW), when a suitable man is not in the immediate future? Should she shut down or only seek out relationships that will …

If the Shoe Fits

Do you do it in the field? Or do you do it in the castle?

What's your preference woman, who do you do it with?

For the last few years, there has been a discussion, some might say a one-way discussion, in the black community (BC) about the widening class gap between BW and BM. You see, BW are doing better in all measures than BM in the US. We're getting educated, we're getting better jobs, we're making more money, we're travelling more... You get the idea. BW are living the American Dream, while it seems BM are living an American Nightmare. I do not have enough time on this earth to properly dissect and discuss the reasons why this is, so I won't even try. I want to talk about something way more personal - the choice of a mate with the reality of the situation in mind. What are BW to do? The number of men available to us is greatly diminished when, in addition to subtracting (how's that for new math for ya?) married, gay, incarcerated to BM who just aren't…

Falling in Love With White Women

This week brought the series premiere of Cashmere Mafia (CM). I've just finished watching both episodes and I have to say I like it. It's not as good as Sex in the City (SATC), when it premiered and before it was significantly retooled and became a cultural icon for 00s, but I liked it. But, I have to ask myself why on earth all the good shows with the great fashion and cute guys are almost exclusively cast with white women (WW)? Yeah, I know that Lucy Liu is technically Asian American, but let's be real, for all intent and purposes, she's a Hollywood WW.

And in Hollywood, only WW, heck white people, get to have fun. First, they get to live in New York City, Manhattan to be exact. They get to eat in the most fabulous of restaurants, drink at the hippest of bars, view at the most cutting edge art galleries and shop without abandon in the most fashion forward of boutiques. The unbelievably handsome men in these televised versions of WW utopia offer drinks at every happy h…

Please Do Yourself A Favor

And check out the final season of The Wire that premieres tomorrow night on HBO. You've probably seen the posters and newspaper ads for it. Believe the hype; it is THAT good. I did not see the first three seasons; I am a johnny come lately (told ya, didn't I?). I started watching last year after concluding that I had to try again since the buzz was so deafening. HBO does a great job of airing catch up episodes before the beginning of the season that help explain the characters and story lines. After watching the preseason shows, I was ready. And I was not disappointed.
This show is good. No, this show is excellent. It's not just the story; it's not just the characters. It's not just the realism, or the truths. It's not the unflinching horror or the frequent moments of humanity. It's everything together. At some point, I plan on renting the first three seasons, just so I can have the full experience. Like I said, don't despair; it's not too late. The…

Thank Gawd Almighty!

I don't even have to wait for 9:00 pm! Obama wins it. Come on now -- lose the people won't vote for a black man or that he doesn't have enough experience. Heck -- those who like Edwards so much, tell me, how much experience does he have? Name it exactly.

Obama is the one. Oprah said it and I still believe it.

Almost free at last!

Finally Iowa

I can't wait for tonight to be over - I'll wake up tomorrow and find out who won Iowa. It's been a long, long, long pre-campaign.

I'm still an Obama gal. All the way.

Crossing my fingers.