The Movie Quiz

Here I am again with more questions.

If a man younger than 35 has seen "Casablanca" and actually likes it, does that mean he'll go to the new Sex & the City movie with me in the Spring - especially if I gather up the gumption to ask him by then? Now, he's seen "Titanic", but didn't think it was romantic (me neither) and was waiting for the damned boat to capsize. He's not necessarily into musicals, but will see one he thinks might be interesting. Yeah, he's a movie watcher, like me. We haven't talked enough for me to figure out just how much of a movie buff he is, but I had to admit, his having seen Casablanca and liked it made my head turn -- yet again.

That, and absolutely getting my 70s party Black Panther costume that almost no one at the job got. He even raised his fist in the air. Damn, that white boy is good!

I haven't asked him out, but oh, in my head, he's asked me out ten different ways and just to make sure that things go right, I've thought of eleven ways to say yes.

Wish me luck. Like I said, I'm a lousy flirt.


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