Fione Man of the Month

Michael Vartan

Okay, so the character he plays on TV is so obviously in love with his best friend, who happens to be a beautiful BW. Whatever. MV is hot; always has been. Like him soooo much better with a BW than that Jennifer Gardner (what is it about her? I don't get it...).

He's fluent in French and English. He grew up on two continents. He seems rather intelligent (and you know, DRs, how important that is to me). Yup, a yummy man with a mind. Ah, bliss.

Now, his show, Big Shots, is rumored to be in trouble, so tune in. I've been watching since day one and haven't missed an episode yet. Helps that the storyline of his and Nia Long's characters is the strongest. I've already written ABC to register my support of the show. Heck, why am I always alone with this kind of stuff? Well... I was an early adopter of "Heroes".

Check out the James and Katie storyline in vid form. Forget the sappy music, but I think the chemistry between the two actors is palatable, even without lines.


cas said…
Jennifer Garner's mouth annoys me. It's like she just got her braces off and is still learning to use her mouth.
Lovebabz said…
I loved the video and I must admit I don't watch this show, but since you love it, I will catch up and watch! Happy Holidays!
Falone said…
I'm sorry Ndel!! I've been so busy with finals, that I didn't get a chance to comment back. But the guy in my prior photo is my new bf, Teddy... we've been dating for 1.5 months now. :)

I haven't been watching the show, but I saw the post on another IR-friendly blog... I mean to watch it lol.

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