Be In Harmony With What Is

I've not had the best two weeks. I've been snarky, negative and not willing to play the game. I'm not so happy with work right now and not afraid to let anyone who will listen know it. I've not had sex in a while (well, I hadn't up until a few hours ago, but that's another post that's percolating in my head; and has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Casablanca) and that always puts one out of sorts.

I was having issues. I was unhappy with everything. And then it hit me.

I was not in harmony with what is. I wanted things to be different from what they were. I wanted things to be as I wanted them. I want Mr. Casablanca staring into my eyes. I wanted all work issues to disappear - I wanted them to listen to me.

In short, I was in a fantasy world.

I realize now that I cannot be out of harmony with what is. Things might change; they might not. And when -- if, they do change, then I must be in harmony with it. Simplicity denotes quality and I want a quality life.

I am in harmony with what is. I am fearless. And so it is.


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