Ask A Man

As I sit home on a Friday night, I've been wondering if a woman can or should ask a man out or should she wait for him to ask her? I know this question has different answers for different people. But I asked my co-workers today because I'm pondering asking out a guy working temporarily in our building who has caught my eye. I know that he's super shy and was intimidated by me at first, but we've hit a comfortable stride lately. If I'm not mistaken, he's even mildly flirted with me, in front of others no less. But that could be up for interpretation; me, I'm really shy when I get a guy in front of me that I am attracted to. I get tongue tied. I miss innuendo. I am so slow to pick up on hints and I lose my sense of humor. I know that I've lost sooo many opportunities to this.

The funny part is that I'm not shy.

I say my mind. I have opinions. It all gets lost when I'm right there in front of the dreamboat, afraid to show my cards. I know it's fear - fear of rejection; something I am trying to stamp out in my life. I believe that everything in life can be boiled down to two things - LOVE and FEAR. Good things come when things are done in love. Not so good things come when things are done in fear. It is definitely a bad thing when I'm missing out on dating men I'm interested in. If I don't give them the signals so that they know I am open to dinner or a movie or a concert... Yup, you guessed it, there's Ndel writing another post on a Saturday night. We have got to get me a date! So, tell me - should I ask the man out? I'm kinda hoping he asks me, but I'm open to any way this situation works itself out.

Whatever happens, I'll let you know. Hopefully, on a Monday.


Falone said…
SOOOO... what happened??
Ndelible said…
Falone --

I haven't had the chance yet. Today, I was only there for an hour. I saw him when I went in; he was coming out, looking like he was on a mission, cellphone in hand. When I came out, he was talking on the phone in a very animated (not in a good way) manner. He was either talking about love or money. I could see that it would not be a good thing to approach him, so I walked on. We'll see what happens this week. I've got to expend effort to see him now, since I moved offices across town today.

So chicka, who's da cutie with you in the photo? I haven't been reading C1's comments, so I'm out of the loop. Fill me in!
Lovebabz said…
Go for it! Nothing ventured...nothing gained! Even if he says no, so what you got a no. OR he could say yes and you could have adate. Oh I want to know what happens. Get out there! I am going to be right behind you shortly.

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