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Be In Harmony With What Is

I've not had the best two weeks. I've been snarky, negative and not willing to play the game. I'm not so happy with work right now and not afraid to let anyone who will listen know it. I've not had sex in a while (well, I hadn't up until a few hours ago, but that's another post that's percolating in my head; and has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Casablanca) and that always puts one out of sorts.

I was having issues. I was unhappy with everything. And then it hit me.

I was not in harmony with what is. I wanted things to be different from what they were. I wanted things to be as I wanted them. I want Mr. Casablanca staring into my eyes. I wanted all work issues to disappear - I wanted them to listen to me.

In short, I was in a fantasy world.

I realize now that I cannot be out of harmony with what is. Things might change; they might not. And when -- if, they do change, then I must be in harmony with it. Simplicity denotes quality and I want a qual…

Let the Man Carry Your Damn Stuff!!!

I have already admitted that I am a lousy flirt.

Now I must confess that I am also slow on the uptake; very slow. I was confusing to the two. I can flirt when I am fast on the uptake. However, in my dealings with Mr. Casablanca (as I will call the objection of my intention from here on in), I can flirt and actually have flirted as he has done with me. The problem has been that we never seem to be doing it at the same time. Nope, when he says something leading, in his oh so cute way, it seems to go right over my head. Same is true when I get up the gumption to slide in a glib and sexy remark, he seems to be on another plain. In both our defenses, I think we're immensely shy around each other and pretty soon his co-workers are going to start yelling, "if you don't ask her out; I'll ask her out for you!" Kinda like mine are, except they don't believe in women asking men out.

For instance, today, I was carrying a box. He and crew were sitting in the courtyard, hav…

I Believe

The following is the full text of Barack Obama's closing speech in Iowa. He's right – we must lose the cynicism, the fear, the doubts. It is our time; we must seize it.

Ten months ago, I stood on the steps of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois, and began an unlikely journey to change America. I did not run for the presidency to fulfill some long-held ambition or because I believed it was somehow owed to me. I chose to run in this election – at this moment – because of what Dr. King called "the fierce urgency of now." Because we are at a defining moment in our history. Our nation is at war. Our planet is in peril. Our health care system is broken, our economy is out of balance, our education system fails too many of our children, and our retirement system is in tatters.
At this defining moment, we cannot wait any longer for universal health care. We cannot wait to fix our schools. We cannot wait for good jobs, and living wages, and pensions we can count on. …

The Movie Quiz

Here I am again with more questions.

If a man younger than 35 has seen "Casablanca" and actually likes it, does that mean he'll go to the new Sex & the City movie with me in the Spring - especially if I gather up the gumption to ask him by then? Now, he's seen "Titanic", but didn't think it was romantic (me neither) and was waiting for the damned boat to capsize. He's not necessarily into musicals, but will see one he thinks might be interesting. Yeah, he's a movie watcher, like me. We haven't talked enough for me to figure out just how much of a movie buff he is, but I had to admit, his having seen Casablanca and liked it made my head turn -- yet again.

That, and absolutely getting my 70s party Black Panther costume that almost no one at the job got. He even raised his fist in the air. Damn, that white boy is good!

I haven't asked him out, but oh, in my head, he's asked me out ten different ways and just to make sure that things go…

Subtlety Is Not Our Strong Suit

"She didn't look like anyone else in the bar - that's why I approached her."
And with that, I knew the picture he was about to show me was of a woman of color. I guessing she would at least be Asian and possibly, just possibly, she might be black. At that moment, I knew he was telling me that he was open to dating a woman of any race. He didn't need to explain further. I doubt he would have explained his attraction to his girlfriend this way if he were telling a white woman. It's a subtle code; one we cross race daters know and use when we don't know if our company is as open as we are. When we aren't sure, but feeling a bit intimate, we ask straight out - do you date "x"?
I know there are other ways WM let us know that they are open to dating ethnic women. Now, I'm not talking about Japanese, Chinese or Korean women - I mean dark skinned, wide nosed babes. And one of those ways is telling us about the pseudo-ethnic women they have dated (…

A Friend Is Gone

Last night, after a short battle with feline leukemia, my fun loving pet baby, Minka, passed away at the foot of my bed. I have a lot of emotions - none of them too positive about the whole thing, but... I am thankful that she passed away near me rather than alone. I feel privileged to have witnessed her last breath on this earth. While she was only five, she was the light of my feline loving eyes. She will be sorely missed. Yet, I am proud that she touched my life and gave our little family all the love she did.

Bless you Minka. I know you're in the light.

Fione Man of the Month

Michael Vartan

Okay, so the character he plays on TV is so obviously in love with his best friend, who happens to be a beautiful BW. Whatever. MV is hot; always has been. Like him soooo much better with a BW than that Jennifer Gardner (what is it about her? I don't get it...).

He's fluent in French and English. He grew up on two continents. He seems rather intelligent (and you know, DRs, how important that is to me). Yup, a yummy man with a mind. Ah, bliss.

Now, his show, Big Shots, is rumored to be in trouble, so tune in. I've been watching since day one and haven't missed an episode yet. Helps that the storyline of his and Nia Long's characters is the strongest. I've already written ABC to register my support of the show. Heck, why am I always alone with this kind of stuff? Well... I was an early adopter of "Heroes".

Check out the James and Katie storyline in vid form. Forget the sappy music, but I think the chemistry between the two actors is…

Ask A Man

As I sit home on a Friday night, I've been wondering if a woman can or should ask a man out or should she wait for him to ask her? I know this question has different answers for different people. But I asked my co-workers today because I'm pondering asking out a guy working temporarily in our building who has caught my eye. I know that he's super shy and was intimidated by me at first, but we've hit a comfortable stride lately. If I'm not mistaken, he's even mildly flirted with me, in front of others no less. But that could be up for interpretation; me, I'm really shy when I get a guy in front of me that I am attracted to. I get tongue tied. I miss innuendo. I am so slow to pick up on hints and I lose my sense of humor. I know that I've lost sooo many opportunities to this.
The funny part is that I'm not shy.
I say my mind. I have opinions. It all gets lost when I'm right there in front of the dreamboat, afraid to show my cards. I know it's f…