Stores That Aren't Here Anymore

Remember Zody's? I used to love that store. It was full of brightly colored clothing that we could actually afford. In Pasadena, where we lived, the local Zody's was above a Ralph's on Villa. We used to go grocery shopping and then head upstairs for a quick look-see.

We always ended up buying something.

As I trolled the aisles of Target on Sunday, I wondered if Zody's just went away or was it the precursor to Target? What happened to those really cool neon bikinis they used to sell (and I used to fit in)? Heck, what happened to Akron and all that really cool macrame and rattan, that I'm sure Huey Newton was familiar with. And what of Gemco and Fedco, Montgomery Ward's? And from when I got older and could afford a more few dollars - I.Magnin, Bullocks, The Broadway, Robinson's, Joseph Magnin's and The May Company. Heck, I want to give a shout out to Builder's Emporium! For all us young, single gals, Judy's was the place. Then, there was Casual Corner, not really ever my taste, but oh well, you get the point. All of these places are gone, as I'm sure many of the establishments patronized by the young folk of today will go the way of the telegraph. Stores, just like cellphones, become obsolete. We mourn their passing for nary a millisecond and we're off to the next big thing. Me? I can't fit in that H&M stuff and Lane Bryant isn't really doing it for me, but hey, I might be able to find something at Bloomingdale's, a name I've heard since childhood but only arrived in SoCal in the mid 90s.

Some go away and some stay around. As long as Wal Mart isn't the last one standing, I'm okay.


Liz said…
Growing up in the Midwest, I loved small boutiques. My mom always went to a place called Milady Shop and to Gantos. They had the most elegant but hip clothing and it was all very well made. I miss those days.

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