Ndel's Favorite Things

Heck, if Oprah can have one, I can too, right?

In no particular order, get ready, get set.... and no, everyone who reads this post will not get one of each of the items!

I think these are just lovely, understated, sophisticated and classy - pearl coin earrings from Iridesse, $150

And who doesn't love Masterpiece Theatre? Only someone who has never seen it. Three of my all-time favorites are: I, Claudius; The Jewel in the Crown & Bleak House, $29-$99

I feel so fantastic and French and cool when I wear Eau Fantasque from Fragonard, $85
As I've freely admitted on a frighteningly regular basis, I am a Burberry addict. I cannot resist the stuff. Nova check? Yes, please. Traditional Check. Of course. Scarf? Always. You get the idea. A cap or hat? Oh my god, yes! This one - $200

When I want to be seductive and sexy, I lather up with Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy Sensuality line vanilla jasmine scent. The brown sugar scrub is scrumptious and makes your skin silky smooth, $20

I still wear pantyhose; I guess I like self-torture. And I've found that the most durable are Calvin Klein's line of hosiery. I like the zero waistband, buff, size d for me please, $12

This time of year, you can catch something before you can say, "boo!" When that certain sinking feeling is coming on, slip into a very hot bath with Kiss My Face's Cold & Flu. It will make you feel much better - $10
Now that I've got my Nintendo Wii console, I'm in love with the infrared remotes. I so need three more of these things so we can party, party, party - $40

If you've never tried honey liqueur, you must try Barenjager Honig Liqueur. Put it in your hot tea; you'll never think of honey the same way again. At BevMo - $27

I happen to like watches, which is ironic, because recently, I've been a johnny-come-lately to almost everything in my life. This Burberry number caught my eye a couple of months ago - $525

The towels by Thomas O'Brien are luxurious, beautiful and inexpensive. They come in all kinds of yummy colors and are available at Target - $4-$15

Yup, I'm making my list and checking it twice.


Lovebabz said…
Love "your Favorite things" You have great taste...indeed. I am going to seek out a few things and let you know in the new year how I loved it or liked it. Happy Holidays!
Ndelible said…
Babz --

I think everyone should have a favorite's list. How else will people know what you like if you don't tell 'em. I especially recommend the sugar scrub - actually, I have the entire line. It's lovely to smell so good; I seduce myself!
The Ex said…
Burberry is such an addiction. It's almost sick but I love it!

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