All I Want for Christmas

I've been bitten. I've been smitten. And I'm considering spending up to $400 to get one.

Yes, it's the Nintendo Wii.

And me, not a gamer! Heck, the closest I come to gaming is playing Brick Breaker on my Blackberry. But, I had the good fortune to have the Thanksgiving feast at my pal Andrea's place and she had the office Wii on loan. We had a ball. We played golf and bowling well into the wee morning hours.

I just have to have one. I'm thinking it'll make Cam's third birthday party for adults a much more child-like experience. Especially on the big screen. Oh yeah. I can see it now. All of us adults running around, hitting golf balls (the one game I actually won). Cam can use it, in like two years. He'll appreciate it, I know he will.

Being the obsessive gal that I am, I got online this morning to research where I can find one of these things that the Amazon reviews say is cheap - $250 retail, well below the other "hardcore" gaming consoles; typically at $300-$600. Well, the joke is on me - a day and more than $200 short to the dance. Apparently, there are no Wiis to be found in any retail outlets this side of the Pacific (netnoise says that there are plenty in Japan where the Xbox and Playstation are kings). So, one must resort to an auction site and on those, the consoles are going for - get this - $425 and above!

I have never paid attention to those news stories about fanboys standing in line to get the latest whatever. I just couldn't understand why the lines were long, the enthusiasm over the top and the fans so rabid. Now I do. I totally understand.

Why did I have this epiphany during the holiday season? A day late and several hundred dollars short. Yet again.

Oh, woe is me.


Moviezzz said…
I'm not much of a gamer, but also wanted one of these when they came out last Christmas. Twice, I went to stores early (not really early, just 15 minutes before they opened). But, they were always sold out.

I eventually gave up.

In the past year, only once have I seen them in stores. By that time, I didn't have the money on me for it and, as time went on, I realized I could do without it.

I'd say hold off a bit. $400 is a bit much. They have been out for over a year and will be making even more in the next few weeks. They will get easier to find.

Or, just show up Sunday mornings to retail stores, when new shipments get put out. You might find it then.
Ndelible said…
You put the nail on the head Moviezzz. I went to the Gamestop near my house and they had loads of empty Wii boxes - listed at $249.99 - that $250 sweet spot. Of course, they were sold out. That's a good idea on Sunday morning. I have no idea who to try, but I'll pop my head in and if they have it, I'll get it.
Liz said…
I wonder what the profit margin is on these things. I'm sure it has to be huge.

Hope you get one at a more reasonable price!
Lovebabz said…
Oh I am going to have to check this out. But I can't get past the sticker shock. When you get yours do tell!
Happy Holidays!

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