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Ndel's Favorite Things

Heck, if Oprah can have one, I can too, right?

In no particular order, get ready, get set.... and no, everyone who reads this post will not get one of each of the items!

I think these are just lovely, understated, sophisticated and classy - pearl coin earrings from Iridesse, $150

And who doesn't love Masterpiece Theatre? Only someone who has never seen it. Three of my all-time favorites are: I, Claudius; The Jewel in the Crown & Bleak House, $29-$99

I feel so fantastic and French and cool when I wear EauFantasque from Fragonard, $85
As I've freely admitted on a frighteningly regular basis, I am a Burberry addict. I cannot resist the stuff. Nova check? Yes, please. Traditional Check. Of course. Scarf? Always. You get the idea. A cap or hat? Oh my god, yes! This one - $200

When I want to be seductive and sexy, I lather up with Bath & Body Works' Aromatherapy Sensuality line vanilla jasmine scent. The brown sugar scrub is scrumptious and makes your skin silky smooth, $20

I …

Sweet Success!

All I Want for Christmas

I've been bitten. I've been smitten. And I'm considering spending up to $400 to get one.

Yes, it's the Nintendo Wii.
And me, not a gamer! Heck, the closest I come to gaming is playing Brick Breaker on my Blackberry. But, I had the good fortune to have the Thanksgiving feast at my pal Andrea's place and she had the office Wii on loan. We had a ball. We played golf and bowling well into the wee morning hours.
I just have to have one. I'm thinking it'll make Cam's third birthday party for adults a much more child-like experience. Especially on the big screen. Oh yeah. I can see it now. All of us adults running around, hitting golf balls (the one game I actually won). Cam can use it, in like two years. He'll appreciate it, I know he will.
Being the obsessive gal that I am, I got online this morning to research where I can find one of these things that the Amazon reviews say is cheap - $250 retail, well below the other "hardcore" gaming consol…

The Urge to Merge

What is it about plain, mousy, smart women who suck any available man's attention out of the room? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm smart, but I'm not mousy. I'm cute, not plain. I know where I have the deficit is the weight thing. Gosh, but plenty of men like voluptuous women, especially if said voluptuous woman is smart and cute, right?
We're all used to the stunning beauty who sucks all the manttention out of the room; we hang around hoping that said men will notice she's vapid and vain and can't tell the difference between the Sunnis and Shites. (I'll leave out the gorgeous and smart gal pal that you're always happy to see meet a great guy - but then again, she's rarely single precisely because men snap her up immediately - she spends little time on the open market - better yet for your odds.) But I am continually perplexed by the chick who manages to monopolize any single man's attention within striking distance. I've known - actually worked w…

Fione Man of the Month

Okay, so I've switched from "Fione Man of the Week" to "Fione Man of the Month". Mostly, I've changed so that I don't go through the entire White House Press Corps by the election. As you see from my choice, I'm partial to smart, articulate, informed men. Yet another political choice. Gosh, I'm predictable.

Richard Wolffe
Wolffe is the senior White House Correspondent for Newsletter. Before Newsweek, he was deputy bureau chief and U.S. diplomatic correspondent in Washington D.C. for the Financial Times. His earlier work included coverage of the Microsoft antitrust trial and the Clinton administration’s plans to break up the company. Wolffe is the author of The Victim’s Fortune, which reveals the behind-the-scenes deals that led to billions of dollars in compensation to the Nazis’ victims in the late 1990s and as co-author of a Spanish cookbook, Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America, published in 2005. He has also written for food magazines such as Fo…

Stores That Aren't Here Anymore

Remember Zody's? I used to love that store. It was full of brightly colored clothing that we could actually afford. In Pasadena, where we lived, the local Zody's was above a Ralph's on Villa. We used to go grocery shopping and then head upstairs for a quick look-see.

We always ended up buying something.

As I trolled the aisles of Target on Sunday, I wondered if Zody's just went away or was it the precursor to Target? What happened to those really cool neon bikinis they used to sell (and I used to fit in)? Heck, what happened to Akron and all that really cool macrame and rattan, that I'm sure Huey Newton was familiar with. And what of Gemco and Fedco, Montgomery Ward's? And from when I got older and could afford a more few dollars - I.Magnin, Bullocks, The Broadway, Robinson's, Joseph Magnin's and The May Company. Heck, I want to give a shout out to Builder's Emporium! For all us young, single gals, Judy's was the place. Then, there was Casual Corn…

Crushed for Lunch

I'll be forty next year. I don't think about it much, except that I'll be a round number (as I get rounder) and that I vaguely feel like I should "do" something. What I'll do is anybody's guess, but I find it quite funny that as I enter the middle part of my life, a ghost - no, a longing, from the past is very much probably going to be a part, a very small part, of my future.

Remember your first real teenage crush? You know, the one you really liked, you hoped liked you back, but you couldn't speak directly to, so you had all kinds of intermediaries taking your messages to? Remember those notes in class? Or how about waiting breathlessly for nutrition or lunch to discuss with your friends the complicated head nods in the hallway, body language and bouts of silence? These things needed to be dissected. No wonder these types of complicated teenage mating rituals almost always end badly.

Brady was my 9th grade crush. He was the one that got away. Although …

Ready or Not

As I was driving home yesterday, listening to All Things Considered on NPR, like all good wishy washy liberals, I heard a piece on the 2008 presidential race (what else?) and Clinton’s poor showing in last week’s debate. Now, I didn’t see that particular debate – there have been too damn many of them – but I have seen the gotcha moment and the other candidates, namely Obama and Edwards, capitalizing off her rare mistake. The reporter asked if a voter was going to give Obama a second look now. The guy said no; he didn’t think the US is actually ready to elect a black man president.
The would-be voter guy was black.
How do I know you ask? I just do. Besides, reporters never ask white people if the U.S. is ready for a black president; and if they do, it’s not a straight out question. It’s more like, “would you vote for a black man for president?” And what are they going to say – no way, hell will freeze over first? No, that wouldn’t do. Reporters feel free to ask black people if we think w…

Oh, Let Me Go

This is one of my all-time favorites from the vintage year of 1983 by Heaven 17. It can get me out on the dance floor in seconds - casts or no casts! Pick up the full album, Lap of Luxury by this socialist 80s icon!