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What's A Girl To Do?

I have a dilemma. The other day, during my daily LA Times reading, I came across an article on this guy, Kevin Madden, campaign spokesperson for one Mitt Romney. Yes, that Mitt Romney; the one running for president; the Mormon who won't explain what exactly a Mormon believes. Yup, Mr. Madden works for that Mitt Romney.

But, gawd is Madden a babe!

So, I did what every single gal does when she sees a handsome man and actually knows his first and last name - I Googled him. He was still cute, but thanks for the marvels of technology, I also discovered some not so enticing tidbits about the man. Not only does he shill these days for Romney, but he essentially held the same position for Rep. John Boehner (yeah right, it's pronounced "bainer") and former Rep. Tom De Lay. Normally, a man that cute, that accomplished, that articulate is a shoe-in for Fione Man of the Week, if he was left leaning. I will be the first to admit that generally just being a republican is a deal br…

Some Days Are Different

I have been down lately - literally. Last month, I fell and badly sprained both of my ankles. Don't ask me how that happened, but it did. Right on the heels (or ankle) of July when I sprained the right one. Amazing. The paperwork, the re-arranging schedules, the working from home, it's all been less than fun. I thought that with being homebound and bedbound, I would have plenty of time to write on all sorts of subjects: politics, celibratards, the new television season. But no, all creativity left me. I had nothing to say. The best I did was keep up on my blog reading. Oh, and television watching. I'm up to date on most of the shows. Whoopie! I know the storylines for Cane, Dirty Sexy Money, The Bionic Woman and Life. But I think the show I like the most of Pushing Daisies. It's whimsical, it's funny and it's pretty. Something to take away the sting of wearing two air casts and writing checks to various doctors. The world is still the same place, but hopefully,…

Foine Man of the Week

James Purefoy
Oh, Rome, Rome, Rome... One of the best reasons to check out the now cancelled series was the gorgeous and sexy James, who played Anthony. Oh, what a hot man and willing to do full frontal nudity, that I would have posted if I could have found it! Hopefully, he'll be on the small or the big screen soon. Here's hoping!

Look for him; I know I will.