What's Wrong With America?

This picture encapsulates the love/hate the US has with women and our bodies. So-called "real women" are celebrated, but in the same breath, we're reminded, "as long as they're thin." Nowhere is this more apparent than in the latest issue of Glamour magazine (yes, that Glamour magazine, the same that suggested BW should perm their hair for the office, setting off a virtual war in the black community).

The lovely, talented America Ferrera (you have seen "Real Women Have Curves", haven't you?) is done so wrong by Glamour. They have obviously photoshopped her face onto someone else's skinnier body. Was there any reason for this? Yeah, the name of the magazine is Glamour. But who better to showcase glamour than the heroine of Ugly Betty, the conscience of a fictional, heartless fashion magazine? Where's the outcry? The outrage? The disgust? Who made this boneheaded decision? And who does their shitty photoshopping? Cam could do a better job than this on his Leapfrog.

Just to show you how wrong Glamour is, here's a shot of America in all her glory.

Now, you tell me. What is wrong with America?


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