It's All About Me Me Me Me....

I've been tagged yet again (like I'm oh, so popular...) by Lovebabz. These days, I do follow a few more blogs, but as I said before, most have been tagged already and I am wary of double tagging them. So, I'll come up with seven facts and a few blogs I follow to make up for copping out twice on the whole spreading link thing. You know, it's like getting the same chain email several times over a period of time... But, I love my gurl, so...

1. My childhood canine companion, Zenda, was a direct descendant of the original Rin Tin Tin. She was an awesome dog that my mom gave away for really dumb reasons. My brother and I still bemoan the fact that she did this; although we didn't find out 'til about ten years ago. For years, she told us that Zenda ran away.

2. I was born in the old Cedars of Lebanon hospital. The building is now the world headquarters for the "Church" of Scientology.

3. My favorite statue in the whole wide world is The Pieta by Michelangelo housed in The Vatican. I literally have gone into a beautiful contemplative trance on the two times I have laid eyes on it.
4. I have pieces of the Berlin Wall that I took during a visit with ex-husband to visit his former Luftwaffe grandfather, right after it fell. We walked right up and took it out with our hands and a small hammer. I still remember driving through the desolate countryside of the former DDR. I still have the passport with the pass stamp. It's like having concrete reminders of repression and sorrow right in my closet.

5. For a time, after I spent a year in Israel, I contemplated converting to Judaism. I find the religion smart and satisfying. But, I did not think I could keep the laws or even kosher. I respect the faith so much that I did not feel it would correct to take it on and not be observant. However, I still think Jerusalem is the most beautiful city in the world.

6. I am an absolute fiend of all items Burberry. I think it's classic and modern all at the same time. I own scads of it and see no end of to this addiction.

7. My penchant for dark red lipstick stems directly from seeing Faye Dunaway in the classic movie Chinatown. In my six year old eyes, she was the most beautiful creature and to this day, I adore side parted bobs and old-fashioned riding pants, although my wide hips do not make this look a winner for me.

I'm not going offically tagging these blogs to MeMe (unless they want to, of course).

C-1's site that celebrates BW and the WM who love them. He rarely gives any information on himself and I think his readers would love to know more about the man.

My best friend, Noel's Site. He's a writer and performance artist. I figure he's already been tagged, but it was probably a long time ago. Enlighten us some more man!

Mike Doc's Site on all things entertainment. Mike is one of those people who has such eclectic tastes and interests, that there is always something or someone you've never heard of highlighted on his blog.

Spread the word ya'll! Everyone loves new visitors to their blog and they love even more those who comment!


Lovebabz said…
See Sister, you are so VERY interesting and cool! I love you! And I knew you would be up to it and I knew you would have really interesting things to share. What a life! What a life indeed! Thanks, Thanks! Thanks!

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