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It's All About Me Me Me Me....

I've been tagged yet again (like I'm oh, so popular...) by Lovebabz. These days, I do follow a few more blogs, but as I said before, most have been tagged already and I am wary of double tagging them. So, I'll come up with seven facts and a few blogs I follow to make up for copping out twice on the whole spreading link thing. You know, it's like getting the same chain email several times over a period of time... But, I love my gurl, so...

1. My childhood canine companion, Zenda, was a direct descendant of the original Rin Tin Tin. She was an awesome dog that my mom gave away for really dumb reasons. My brother and I still bemoan the fact that she did this; although we didn't find out 'til about ten years ago. For years, she told us that Zenda ran away.

2. I was born in the old Cedars of Lebanon hospital. The building is now the world headquarters for the "Church" of Scientology.

3. My favorite statue in the whole wide world is The Pieta by Michelangelo …

Fione Man of the Week

Jay Carney
Since I make a habit of watching the Sunday morning gabfests, I see Jay Carney often; sometimes with his lovely wife and fellow journalist, Claire Shipman, and sometimes alone (guess which times I like better). He is Time's Washington bureau chief. has been writing about politics for Time since '93. He's written extensively about the Bush presidency and was one of a handful of journalists who were on Air Force One with the president on 9/11. He has unprecedented access to Vice President Cheney and most other senior advisors. Carney later won the 2003 Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency. He has covered both the Clinton and Bush 43 White Houses, as well as Congress. Before coming to Washington, he spent three years reporting from Time's Moscow bureau, covering the collapse of the Soviet Union. Prior to that he was Time’s Miami bureau chief. He has also served as a special correspondent for CNN and makes frequent appearances as a p…

Fione Man of the Week

Dante Zappala
I first saw him on a segment of Hardball, a show I record every day. He was discussing Petraeus' appearance before the Congress. Zappala lost his brother, Sergeant Sherwood Baker, during the Iraq war. He's now a member of Gold Star Families Speak Out. Recently, he wrote a letter to George W. Bush.

My brother, Sherwood Baker, died in Iraq last week. I tried to call you and I tried to write to you, but you never responded. I'm writing to you again because I believe had you known him, you would have liked him... And maybe if you knew him, if you knew the other soldiers, you'd have thought differently about sending them.

Sherwood was a foster kid, and he came to our family before I was born. He had limited contact with his biological family. Our parents never let him go. They received him, raised him, and he was their child. He was their son and my brother. In so many ways, Sherwood represented the country he loved.
He was dealt a tough hand and turned it into o…

What's Wrong With America?

This picture encapsulates the love/hate the US has with women and our bodies. So-called "real women" are celebrated, but in the same breath, we're reminded, "as long as they're thin." Nowhere is this more apparent than in the latest issue of Glamour magazine (yes, that Glamour magazine, the same that suggested BW should perm their hair for the office, setting off a virtual war in the black community).

The lovely, talented America Ferrera (you have seen "Real Women Have Curves", haven't you?) is done so wrong by Glamour. They have obviously photoshopped her face onto someone else's skinnier body. Was there any reason for this? Yeah, the name of the magazine is Glamour. But who better to showcase glamour than the heroine of Ugly Betty, the conscience of a fictional, heartless fashion magazine? Where's the outcry? The outrage? The disgust? Who made this boneheaded decision? And who does their shitty photoshopping? Cam could do a better jo…

Death & the Alien Have Some Fun

Due to popular demand, the fabulous Pearson Bros have given us some outtakes from Death & the Alien...

Thank you boys!

Fione Man of the Week

Christian Bale He's Batman, he's the machinist, he's an American Psycho. Since he burst onto the scene in the 80's in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, Bale has continually strives to perfect his craft. Mostly famously, he lost enough weight to appear a walking skeleton in The Machinist. It's quite the performance. If you haven't seen it, rent it or add it to your NetFlix queue.
Viva Le Christian!