Something's Coming

Let me just say, I want to live a life of leisure, opulent leisure. I don't want to work anymore. I hate my job. I want to fly to any city of my choosing and have meals like I had in New York. And I don't want to have to exercise. And I don't want to gain weight. Oh, and I want fabulous clothes. I want to not have to look at price tags. I don't want to have to censor my comments for fear of pissing someone off. I want to be able tell someone they're an idiot and not worry that my livelihood depends on them. I want a pied a tier in Manhattan, an opulent home in San Marino, a villa in the south of France and a flat in London. I want an amazing partner with looks, taste, brains, culture and sexual prowess (yes, that's what I mean, took me a minute to actually write it though!).

I don't want to have to even load a dishwasher ever again. But I do want to change Cam's dirty diapers - at least for a little while longer, hopefully the little bugger will be starting potty training soon. Oh, and clean my house? I don't want to do that anymore either. I want to have it completely detailed to my satisfaction without actually telling anyone what satisfaction to me is. I want someone to read my mind and deliver the goods.

In short, I'm feeling normal people's disease. I don't want to be normal. I want to be special. Writing about New York is bringing it all back; life should be a party and not a meeting.

When I come to terms with my everyday mediocrity, the New York post will be finished.

And I'll be searching, searching, searching...
Got bubbly?


Liz said…
Thoughts like these are what keep me playing the lottery. Except, even being a lottery winner, I suppose I'd still have to exercise. Well, there is liposuction, but then I might be that one in a thousand where something goes wrong with the procedure and then I'd die. Sigh.
Ndelible said…
I was just frustrated with everything this week.... I know it's me, but why does everything have to be so hard. Lottery, marrying a prince, whatever, I'm down with it!

In the meantime, cocktails never hurt!!!!!

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