Fione Man of the Week

Edward Norton
Oh, me on my. A handsome man with a brain, a heart, a conscience and talent to spare! That, in a nutshell, is Edward Norton. Read his interviews and you'll find a refreshingly candid, well-read man. I adore him and typically his movies. His talent is so great that he made a Nazi skin head sexy! How on earth could anyone do that? I don't know, but Edward did it, right to a deserved Oscar nomination.
Viva Edward!


EmergingPhoenix said…
WOW! Wish I had seen this post earlier!! I am soo happy I am not the only one who loves this guy. People give me weird looks when I say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM, and then I have to throw in the "I think Brad Pitt is hot" disclaimer. LOL!! He is everything you wrote about him, and the first actor who really ever got me to swoon. wasnt much of a celebrity fan before him.
Ndelible said…
Oh gurl, we are not the only ones!!! Bestfriend, Amber loves him too. When we saw "American History X", we felt so guilty for finding him irresistible! He's so talented, smart and aware. I like Brad Pitt too, but it's different, his appeal is also cerebral. And he's a man who likes women of color. He did a Vanity Fair article years ago where he complains about the lack of color in Hollywood. And he dated Salma Hayek for a few years.

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