Fione Man of the Week

Clive Owen
Oh, this one, a jaguar stocking, hunting, watching. If you have not seen him as The Hire in the BWM short film series, you should. He's riveting, smart and makes the worst movies bearable (did anyone see "King Arthur"? I didn't think so....)

I haven't seen "Casino Royale" and I understand that Daniel Craig acquitted himself well, but he just doesn't hold a candle to Owen... They really missed a chance to hit one out of the ballpark with Owen. I know I wouldn't miss such a chance!


Liz said…
I don't know...I like Clive Owen and I was one of the many who were completely skeptical about Daniel Craig. But, after seeing Craig, I think he's the right guy for Bond.
Anonymous said…
Please go see Casino Royale. Daniel Craig IS James Bond.
Ndelible said…
Okay, I give. Daniel Craig is Bond. Geesh. Clive would have been great though.

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