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Countdown's Craig Dragnet

Okay, this one is just too good not to post:

Divorced From Reality

Lately the issue of divorce and how it affects looking for love has been on my mind. I was divorced over fifteen years ago, when I was barely 24. I married and divorced young. Now, I see I am reaching the age when I am meeting divorced contemporaries; they are going through now what I went through long ago. As someone recently said, "I am at a point in my life where I am struggling a bit with my personal life; I am shy/reluctant/afraid of making a second marriage mistake yet in need of companionship."

I understand what he is talking about – emotionally and practically. When I divorced, it took quite a while to get my mind together. The disintegration of my marriage was a devastating blow. He left me for another woman, something that can damage your psyche, your ego and your mind. I was slow to accept the reality of the split, mostly because my ex made a habit of pitting me and Chris (her name) against each other when he was in some way unhappy with the other. It took a long t…

Another Production from the Fabulous PearsonBros

Ah, those enterprising boys!!!!!

Check it out:

Fione Men of the Week

Brett McKenzie & Jermaine Clement are Flight of the Conchords

There is only one more original episode left of this quirky, fabulous show. The last episode runs next Sunday night at 10:30 pm EST. It's a wonderful show. Catch it!

Confessions of an OREO

Sit down, relax, let me tell you something and in a round about way, I will eventually get to my point and fill you in on being a black woman (BW) who dates white men (WM). Better yet, how about I run my mouth on just being black in America? Of course, there are numerous books on this subject, none of which will be referenced here. My topic is something a bit more peculiar to me. Being born black is hard enough without choosing to date someone outside of your race (is it nurture or nature?) Then again, the subject of being black in America is much too complicated and important a subject to get flippant treatment by me. Besides, there are people, whom on good authority (their criteria for expertise: they are "Black"), insist that I am not or at least do not want to be black at all. I can’t remember any of these people ever being inside of my head, but who knows? What I will try to do is tell you about something that I do know one or two things about: selling out my race, aban…

Fione Man of the Week

Edward Norton
Oh, me on my. A handsome man with a brain, a heart, a conscience and talent to spare! That, in a nutshell, is Edward Norton. Read his interviews and you'll find a refreshingly candid, well-read man. I adore him and typically his movies. His talent is so great that he made a Nazi skin head sexy! How on earth could anyone do that? I don't know, but Edward did it, right to a deserved Oscar nomination. Viva Edward!

To Dine in New York

"Have any pictures of your trip?"

"Yes," I answered immediately; then I paused and added, "but they're all of food."
Marlon wasn't much interested after I told him that. I wonder what pictures he would have wanted to see – the Statue of Liberty maybe? But, we've all seen a hundred shots of lady liberty. How many shots have you seen of a sublime beet and goat cheese salad from Eleven Madison Park?
Not many I suspect! But I am here to cure you of that particular malady. New York will now be framed for me in terms of food, not ethnic food, not street food, but "foodie food". Surveying the pictures for this blog, I see that I have a lot of pictures of dishes, most of which weren't even mine. How was I going to describe the taste, the impressions of the moment, knowing that in most cases, I have forgotten? There was no one dish that I have to go back to New York to have. No, my joy was in the overall impression, the ambiance, the service…

Dreams Are My Reality....

If you've never seen La Boum or La Boum 2 with Sophie Marceau, you should. The catchy song just sticks in your head. Check it out:

Change of Mind?

DRs, I have started my New York post, decided where the pics should go and got a good half way though the entire thing. Really, I have. And then I stopped. I haven't written a word since. Somehow, walking down Times Square yet again just didn't seem exciting. And I don't think it'll be exciting for you either. I will put a v short truncated post with a good overview of the restaurants we went to in the next couple of days. Other than that, I'm over NYC. I've got other things on my mind. But more on that later.

Fione Man of the Week

Clive Owen Oh, this one, a jaguar stocking, hunting, watching. If you have not seen him as The Hire in the BWM short film series, you should. He's riveting, smart and makes the worst movies bearable (did anyone see "King Arthur"? I didn't think so....)
I haven't seen "Casino Royale" and I understand that Daniel Craig acquitted himself well, but he just doesn't hold a candle to Owen... They really missed a chance to hit one out of the ballpark with Owen. I know I wouldn't miss such a chance!

Something's Coming

Let me just say, I want to live a life of leisure, opulent leisure. I don't want to work anymore. I hate my job. I want to fly to any city of my choosing and have meals like I had in New York. And I don't want to have to exercise. And I don't want to gain weight. Oh, and I want fabulous clothes. I want to not have to look at price tags. I don't want to have to censor my comments for fear of pissing someone off. I want to be able tell someone they're an idiot and not worry that my livelihood depends on them. I want a pied a tier in Manhattan, an opulent home in San Marino, a villa in the south of France and a flat in London. I want an amazing partner with looks, taste, brains, culture and sexual prowess (yes, that's what I mean, took me a minute to actually write it though!).
I don't want to have to even load a dishwasher ever again. But I do want to change Cam's dirty diapers - at least for a little while longer, hopefully the little bugger will be start…