I've been tagged. I must give eight random facts about myself on my blog. Ideally, I'm supposed to tag eight other bloggers. Honestly, I don't know eight other bloggers that haven't already been tagged, sooo... I'll just post the random but v important stuff.

  1. My favorite childhood television series is Giant Robot. I can't wait until it's on DVD; I've been waiting for years. I used to watch the movie on channel 5, back when they showed the 8 o'clock movie several nights in a row; pure kid heaven.

  2. I collect masks from around the world. I have them up on one of my walls and will branch out to the rest of house as I get more. I adore aboriginal art from all continents.

  3. I think Tommy Lee Jones is mucho sexy; ugly but damned sexy.

  4. I lived in Connecticut for two months when I was 16. It was the longest two months of my life.

  5. I have met Nancy Peloisi and John Shalikashvili - that's two degrees away from all kinds of important people!

  6. I voted for Howard Dean in the California primary in spite of "the (infamous) scream".

  7. I have floated in the Dead Sea.

  8. I must have put my hands in every church in Europe's holy water; I thought that the basins were for hand washing. I'm hoping this mistake means I'm super blessed and not super stupid.


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