Ndel's Back & Stuffed

DRs, I am back from NYC and I've got pictures to prove it! Now, mind you, the pics are of what we ate, but hey, a gal's gotta showcase her love! GF Michele wants a full report and I'm going to give it to her! Give me a few to nurse the ankle (got worse) and a head cold from the over air conditioned interiors and you'll get the full feed.

A few quick thoughts on NYC:

(1) Lots of young people in the city; the title of my post was going to be "Where the Grown Folk Are", but I might have to rethink that one.
(2) The city is not as 24 hour as urban legends would have you believe.
(3) They really need to get the cool trash trucks that pick up receptacles instead of nasty trash bags.

More later....


Falone said…
Hey Ndel!

I'm in NYC right now too (I'm from RI), but I go to school in Queens. Anyway, you're right, there are alot of young people in NYC. Manhattan... there will be people at all times of the day, but most of the stores are closed at that time... the most you can do is eat, and go clubbing, and party. Just gotta know where.

Anyway, I hope you had a really good time!
Ndelible said…
Oh gurl, we had a wonderful time! I think I'm going to have to break it down into focused posts - one for food; that one will be the longest. One for the city itself and some of our adventures and another on men. I love the energy; although many at the convention were overwhelmed. However, most everyone said they loved it. Our convention is going to be in Denver next year, I'm sure it's not going to be as much fun. But I have my hopes....
Liz said…
So nice to hear that you had such a nice time. Yeah, Manhattan has changed a whole lot in the past ten years or so thanks to Friends and Sex and the City. But, it's still a good time and definitely good food!
thelastnoel said…
Egad! It's been too long since I'd visited NYC. I need to go soon. Can't wait to hear the stories.

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