The First Animated Interracial Couple

Captain Roy Fokker

A veteran pilot of the Global Civil War, one of the first pilots of test of the hunts Varitech and the leader of the famous "SKULL" squadron until he dies, after being hurt in an attack by the Zentraedi.

Claudia Grant

In charge of communications (shades of Uhura? - sorry for the pun) of the SDF-1, always a calm, yet humorous spirit on the bridge during battle. Roy chooses to spend his last moments with her instead of going directly to the hospital.

How progressive that the relationship was conceived and executed in Japan!

Wouldn't you know they killed him off? One of the saddest death scenes in animation (along with Optimus Prime, of course).

Always tragedy in IR relationships!


classical one said…
Perhaps there is always tragedy in film IR relationships for a reason? I know of know comparable statistics in real life to warrant it. IR divorce rates are right around divorce rates of same race couples etc.
Ndelible said…
Perhaps there is always tragedy in film IR relationships for a reason?

Gee, I dunno. Growing up, I always gravitated to stories with IR couples. For some reason, they never ended up together. Rather than reflect real life, I took it to be some kind of conspiracy to subliminally discourage IR pairing. This was particularly true of TV shows; an episode would have a v pretty BW as a "possible" love interest for the WM lead, but some weird circumstances would make it clear that they couldn't be together... Hated that! I think I feel a post brewing to discuss manufacturer tragedy in IR relationships.

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