Fione Man of the Week

Summer 2007 has been christened the Summer of Love, so I am instituting a new weekly feature, the fione man of the week. I will pick some random man – okay, so it won't be so random, he'll probably be famous (so much easier for me to get pics of). Rest assured, he will be gorgeous – in my estimation, so that might mean he's sexy, perhaps nontraditional in looks; maybe he'll be to your taste, maybe he won't. This week, I am highlighting two men, because both have come to my attention in weird ways. And, both have rumors of homosexuality swirling around them. What do I care about who their bed mates are? This is eye candy baby, enjoy!

Gerard Butler

BF Amber has been turned on to this dude for a long time. When she tried to tell me about him over a year and a half ago, she had to scour the Net to find a decent pic. Not such a problem anymore… By various accounts he is either gay, a strict Christian or dates BW. For obvious reasons, I hope it's the latter… For interesting homage to the man, check out one of Rae L's sites Gerard Butler After Dark

Shemar Moore

Brotha Man likes to bare all. Recently, he was caught frolicking on a beach that has been identified as "gay". Of course, the gossip feeds of the Net are abuzz with speculation about his sexual orientation. Who cares? If he is gay, does that mean I can't drool over him anymore?

I don't have a site for him - or at least one that I know or like. Pop his name in Google search

Challenge: Practice holding the gaze of every man you see; try batting your eyes at the ones you find attractive. Flirt. Don't worry about what reaction you might or might not get. Focus on you and your technique. Remember, both these fione hunks are single; ladies (and maybe gentlemen), start your engines….


MsRebecca said…
I have always loved Shemar Moore..I don't care if he's gay or not, he's great to look at, easy on the eyes...
Ndelible said…
Yup, he sure is easy on the eyes! I think it's terrible that gay actors have to be in the closet. If a man is gay, I can still fantasize about him -- I mean, it's a fantasy; probably no chance of me being with him if he were straight!!! I'll be trolling the Net to try and find the uncensored pics of Shemar nude (and every other fione man I know about)!
Falone said…
I didn't hear about Gerard Butler, but I did see Shemar Moore plastered on some gossip rag...

And you're right, it didn't matter if he was straight or not, my chances of being with him were ten billion trillion to one. (Wait... so I do have a chance?? YAY! LOL.)
Ndelible said…
Well, on boards about Gerard Butler, the questions are flying fast and furious about his sexuality. It seems he has been a little ambiguous, to say the least. In his case though, he’s most probably bi-sexual and that’s really okay with me! It appears that his straight side is safely with sistahs!

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