Countdown to NYC

Mamma is going to New York and she couldn't be more excited! And this, in spite of falling down the deck stairs last night and really hurting my ankle, not to mention scraping up my leg pretty well. And all I've got is cute sandals to wear. Oh, and I tore off part of my big toe nail. I'm hoping the nail lady can repair it so I my feet will be passable. So much to do. I starting packing this morning, but still need to get a few items. And have you checked out the prices for sleepwear lately? The set I want is upwards of $80!!!! That's the price of a dress! Luckily, I have a giftcard, sooo maybe I'll treat myself.

Cam is with his daddy today, so I'm thinking I'll finish up shopping, get my eyebrows threaded (have you ever done this? it's amazingly painful, but thankfully short; you look fabulous afterward. I haven't decided if I'll do just the brows or get the entire face done - tears will fall); then stop and see "Sicko" and finally pick up the little man. Oh, as long as I take an aspirin to dull the pain, I'll be okay. I've got to get my feet in shape for painting the town red!!!!!

Well, I returned all of the things I needed to return and got my entire face threaded - don't make me think about it - as momma said, "beauty is pain". I hope I don't get a bunch of bumps, like the lady informed me sensitive skin sometimes does - little does she know, I don't have sensitive skin - I hope. I mean, my leg is already messed up enough; swollen and full of scabs. Where's the witch hazel when you need it? I didn't get the chance to see "Sicko" because I got carried away shopping for pajamas and a dress. I had success with pjs - ended up with a black number, but with dresses? I feel a rant coming on...

What is up with the dresses and shirts this season having the boobs cut in? Women, even skinny women aren't board flat! Well, most of them aren't... The popularity of the empire cut has really cut into my choices. As a large busted woman, I am popping out of size 14s; not in the arms, not in the legs, not in the waist - in the bust. Actually, I can't see how normal breasted women can fit into the little area the designers are allotting us since the average bra size is now 36c. Look at that picture - no way a C cup could fit in that little area! For so long they didn't cut for our hips, now they've eliminated our breasts. I'm frustrated as well, because this new empire style cut extends to shirts and blouses as well. What the hell is up with that? I do find that usually female designers are a little better, but I'm not so sure anymore. One funny thing I saw was a sign up on Ann Taylor's window that said, "Look for our new curvy sizes". I happened to see the sign when was leaving, but I'll be sure to stop into Ann Taylor next time I'm at the mall. More than likely, I'll purchase something from them from this new sizing line, as I am grateful for any outlet that sees a (my) need and fills it. I have found some dresses in the Women's department, but everything else was just a little too big for me. Perhaps it's time for another fashion revolution - in addition to junior, regular, women's & petite, there should be curvy; regular sizes the generous hip and bust measurements. I suppose I could lose weight, oh, but losing the tits is real hard. Quite frankly, losing some tit might not be a hit with the fellas... And anyway, who says I'm not embarking on a new life - post NYC that is (got too many reservations at amazing restaurants to really start pre-NYC). Okay, end of rant - kind of, I'm sure I'm start bitching sooner or later; Michael Moore has his causes and I have mine.


Just a thought on size - every size.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, I dont know your whole story. Iam a curious blogger. You are divorced to a white man. If you dont mind me asking why did you divorce and how do you get along with him now? Has he moved on with someone else?

These are relationship questions that I am really interesting in. I hope I am not being to intrusive. Thank you.
Ndelible said…
anonymous asked:

"why did you divorce and how do you get along with him now? Has he moved on with someone else?"

No problem - my life's an open book, I'm blogging right? LOL. I was married young to a German man. We moved to Germany and lived there for a while. He left me for a German woman. They stayed together for quite a while (this was over 17 years ago). That made me feel better - that he just left me for a fling. These days, although we don't talk often, he's in Germany and I'm in California, we consider ourselves friends and do keep in touch. We both respect and forgave each other and that seems to have been the key to us both going on to lead full and productive lives, although neither one of us has remarried. I don't think the failur of our marriage has anything to do with the fact that we were an IR couple. People are people; we fall in and out of love.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for answering my nosey questions. When it comes to relationship IR or not I am very curious as well as naive about. The woman in me is saying that bastard ex, lol. I am glad you have found forgiveness, that is something I need to learn to do myself actually.I love your blog btw, especially the picture of you pregnant. Theres nothing more beautiful in life than a pregnant woman. Thank you for sharing your stories and keep blogging.
Ndelible said…
Anon -

Many blessings and thank you. The best thing to remember about IR relationships is that they are relationships first and foremost. It's no different than trying to work out two people's different personalities and habits coming together and trying to make something work! Ask away and keep reading, as well as commmenting; it makes it all worth while!

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