Yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in the wedding phenomenon that is (was) 07.07.07. According to a Los Angeles Times story that ran two weeks ago, yesterday was the busiest day for weddings in recent history. The convergence of the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new century (not exactly, but you get the idea) means that Vegas was booked solid baby! I, along with many other black folk, converged on a bucolic backyard in Baldwin Hills for my (black female) cousin's marriage to a black man. This is her first marriage, she being on the sunny side of 35 and the groom the sunny side of 40. See, not so endangered as the netnoise may have you believe. In addition to the newly married couple, there were young & old ones; there was only one IR couple and only three white couples. What with all of the talk about IBMs choosing every woman than BW at every opportunity, I was half expecting to see at least a good fourth of BM in IR couples. What I found was the opposite; BM with their wives and girlfriends of years; single BM talking to BW with a gleam in their eye (hoping to get some I imagine). I have to admit, the one guy who was with a WW, is someone I used to go to school with. Yeah, he dated WW back then too.

So, the lesson for today, the day after completion, is that people will find love where it presents itself; black, white, whatever… And we should be happy for them; they have found their completion. Have we found our own?


thelastnoel said…
Yup, love chooses you and who you're supposed to be with. I'd become more open about who'll be my love. BUT I am not going to fall over if he doesn't come by either.
Ndelible said…
thelastnoel said... "Yup, love chooses you and who you're supposed to be with. I'd become more open about who'll be my love. BUT I am not going to fall over if he doesn't come by either."

At a certain age, I think we start to accept that maybe we won't have the picture perfect relationship - it is then we allow ourselves to really grow outward and new to ideas and situations or we allow ourselves to grow rigid and inflexible. After that tipping point, we either let someone in and experience love or we sometimes allow them in and simply experience a relationship; good or bad. I'm okay if he doesn't come along; in fact, I'm great; but, I think I'll be even better with that Partner. I'm not saying SoulMate; that's a hard bar to clear.
Chrissie said…
Ahh... to not fall over if love doesn't come by.

I think it's amazing how sometimes lacking love makes all one's other accomplishments seem less important.

A great job, great friends, and a great family are all amplified with a great love.
Liz said…
Aw, that put a smile on my face. I didn't go to any weddings on 7/7 but I bought a lottery ticket. Didn't win though.

Anyway, it's nice to hear stories of black people who are in love (or faking it till they feel it again), especially since so many other media images will have us believe otherwise.

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