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Ndel's Back & Stuffed

DRs, I am back from NYC and I've got pictures to prove it! Now, mind you, the pics are of what we ate, but hey, a gal's gotta showcase her love! GF Michele wants a full report and I'm going to give it to her! Give me a few to nurse the ankle (got worse) and a head cold from the over air conditioned interiors and you'll get the full feed.

A few quick thoughts on NYC:

(1) Lots of young people in the city; the title of my post was going to be "Where the Grown Folk Are", but I might have to rethink that one.
(2) The city is not as 24 hour as urban legends would have you believe.
(3) They really need to get the cool trash trucks that pick up receptacles instead of nasty trash bags.

More later....

Fione Man of the Week

Hugh Jackman

I have loved this man since I laid eyes on him! He will be starring in and executive producing Viva Laughlin this fall. It's enough to make me start watching CBS!

I mean, Hugh is hugely talented! He can act, he can sing, he can dance, he can executive produce! We've been missing a leading man with this much versatility. I welcome it and I welcome him. Yum!

Let's hear it for Hugh!

Flashback Video - Almost Paradise

Countdown to NYC

Mamma is going to New York and she couldn't be more excited! And this, in spite of falling down the deck stairs last night and really hurting my ankle, not to mention scraping up my leg pretty well. And all I've got is cute sandals to wear. Oh, and I tore off part of my big toe nail. I'm hoping the nail lady can repair it so I my feet will be passable. So much to do. I starting packing this morning, but still need to get a few items. And have you checked out the prices for sleepwear lately? The set I want is upwards of $80!!!! That's the price of a dress! Luckily, I have a giftcard, sooo maybe I'll treat myself.

Cam is with his daddy today, so I'm thinking I'll finish up shopping, get my eyebrows threaded (have you ever done this? it's amazingly painful, but thankfully short; you look fabulous afterward. I haven't decided if I'll do just the brows or get the entire face done - tears will fall); then stop and see "Sicko" and finally pic…

Fione Man of the Week

Summer 2007 has been christened the Summer of Love, so I am instituting a new weekly feature, the fione man of the week. I will pick some random man – okay, so it won't be so random, he'll probably be famous (so much easier for me to get pics of). Rest assured, he will be gorgeous – in my estimation, so that might mean he's sexy, perhaps nontraditional in looks; maybe he'll be to your taste, maybe he won't. This week, I am highlighting two men, because both have come to my attention in weird ways. And, both have rumors of homosexuality swirling around them. What do I care about who their bed mates are? This is eye candy baby, enjoy!

Gerard Butler

BF Amber has been turned on to this dude for a long time. When she tried to tell me about him over a year and a half ago, she had to scour the Net to find a decent pic. Not such a problem anymore… By various accounts he is either gay, a strict Christian or dates BW. For obvious reasons, I hope it's the latter… For intere…

The End of a Love Affair?

I guess I shouldn't have expected it to last. I suppose I should hate Google now... Plenty of folk got things to say about mining data, keeping info on peeps and general distrust of the corporate structure. I'm in agreement, but Google is appealing to the laziness in me. No matter what the people say, I'm gonna love ya anyway Google…

Need I Say More?

I don't consider myself especially technologically gifted. I can get around a computer, the Net, set up the home theatre system decently, but I'm no techie. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that I could publish a blog in under an hour and have it look really good; could have knocked me over with iPod! I hadn't signed up for Gmail earlier because I was a bit suspicious of Google having all of my search history, among other things. Call me cautious, but I'm not liking what our government is doing, why should I give them my life on a silver platter? I was made to feel somewhat better when Google defied the Justice Department's sweeping request for the search habits of potentially millions of people, but still I didn't bite. Oh, and shout out to Qwest for doing the same! What got me was deciding to write my own blog – I had to sign up for Gmail and then Blogger. And ever since that afternoon, I'm one happy junior techie. Let me tell you why.

Heretofore, …

Optimus Prime is My Hero

!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Move over Keith!
Just saw the new Transformers movie. Fan-tas-tic is all I can say. As usual, I went to see it at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood; my favorite place to see movies. Although, last week I ventured out to the new Landmark Cinemas at the Westside Pavilion; it and the Arclight and I guess The Bridge, are the "upscale" places to see films in LA. All three are nicely appointed foyers, reserved seating and sell popcorn with real butter; not to mention sell high priced tickets. My single ticket to the first showing of Transformers at Cinerama Dome theatre was $11.00! But that's okay, mostly, because I think that every theater should have real butter for their popcorn; that would more than justify for the high prices for everything else. I mean, the revamped Mann's Chinese Theatres are great, but you don't get real butter on your popcorn. The Grove? No butter either. And with my precious movie time (I get, on the average, one movie …


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in the wedding phenomenon that is (was) 07.07.07. According to a LosAngeles Times story that ran two weeks ago, yesterday was the busiest day for weddings in recent history. The convergence of the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new century (not exactly, but you get the idea) means that Vegas was booked solid baby! I, along with many other black folk, converged on a bucolic backyard in Baldwin Hills for my (black female) cousin's marriage to a black man. This is her first marriage, she being on the sunny side of 35 and the groom the sunny side of 40. See, not so endangered as the netnoise may have you believe. In addition to the newly married couple, there were young & old ones; there was only one IR couple and only three white couples. What with all of the talk about IBMs choosing every woman than BW at every opportunity, I was half expecting to see at least a good fourth of BM in IR couples. What I found was the op…

The First Animated Interracial Couple

Captain Roy Fokker

A veteran pilot of the Global Civil War, one of the first pilots of test of the hunts Varitech and the leader of the famous "SKULL" squadron until he dies, after being hurt in an attack by the Zentraedi.

Claudia Grant

In charge of communications (shades of Uhura? - sorry for the pun) of the SDF-1, always a calm, yet humorous spirit on the bridge during battle. Roy chooses to spend his last moments with her instead of going directly to the hospital.
How progressive that the relationship was conceived and executed in Japan!Wouldn't you know they killed him off? One of the saddest death scenes in animation (along with Optimus Prime, of course). Always tragedy in IR relationships!


I've been tagged. I must give eight random facts about myself on my blog. Ideally, I'm supposed to tag eight other bloggers. Honestly, I don't know eight other bloggers that haven't already been tagged, sooo... I'll just post the random but v important stuff.My favorite childhood television series is Giant Robot. I can't wait until it's on DVD; I've been waiting for years. I used to watch the movie on channel 5, back when they showed the 8 o'clock movie several nights in a row; pure kid heaven.

I collect masks from around the world. I have them up on one of my walls and will branch out to the rest of house as I get more. I adore aboriginal art from all continents.

I think Tommy Lee Jones is mucho sexy; ugly but damned sexy.

I lived in Connecticut for two months when I was 16. It was the longest two months of my life.

I have met Nancy Peloisi and John Shalikashvili - that's two degrees away from all kinds of important people!

I voted for Howard Dean i…

Keith Olbermann, Quite Possibly the Coolest Man on the Planet

When I was younger, I had crushes on all sorts of guys - Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy, Scott Baio... Even today, I can name bunches of guys I think are super cute -Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Russell Wong, Chris Botti, Tiki Barber, just to name a (very) few. But, I think that Keith Olberman blows them all away. First by his urbane appearance, second by his savage articulateness, but finally, and most devastatingly, by his reasoned courage. If you have not seen his special comment on this eve of Independence Day - you should.

Diggin' for Fool's Gold

Ladies, are you a gold digga?

Raise your hand please; I need to take a count.

Are your best girlfriends gold diggas? Do you know many gold diggas? And if so, how do they pick marks? Where do gold diggas hang out? What kind of men are they (you?) interested in meeting/dating/marrying?

I keep hearing about gold diggas (GDs) from all kinds of men - white (WM), black (BM), latino (LM); not so much from asian men (AM). AM, if you want to chime in on the subject, please do. I'm guessing the feedback won't be much different. And yet, somehow, I missed this great upheaval - this shift change in women and the way we interact with men. Apparently, the way the pick up goes these days is something like this:

"Hi I'm Mike. How you doin' tonite?"

"My name is Jenny. I want another drink and if you don't buy it for me, as well as pay for all of my hair and nail appointments, my rent, my car payments, all of my clothes and take me to eat every night at some place other th…