Just Another Day at PBJ

Oh yeah, after two years, I'm back in the saddle and attended the first day of the annual Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl! Boy, am I glad that Lori (thank you Gurl!) decided to reignite her annual picnic/party/concert tradition that we know and love as PBJ. I forgot how much fun this event can be. I especially love it because I feel it is the best of Los Angeles; full of people of all ages, races and walks of life. The PBJ embodies the promise of LA; everyone together, having a darn good time. And the music! This year was an excellent line up:
Buddy Guy

Chris Botti

Phil Woods Quintet

Angelique Kidjo

Count Basie Orchestra

Randy Brecker-Bill Evans Soulbop Band

The James Carter Organ TrioCos of Good Music

Johnny Polanco y su Conjunto Amistad

Eagle Rock High School Jazz Ensemble

Oh, all of my friends know that I love Chris Botti. Not only is he very easy on the eyes, he's a delight to the ears. I have never seen him live, so I was very excited. What I was not excited about is that Amber forgot the binoculars (even though I reminded her twice), but I forgave her when I met someone else who helped me out with that problem (but more on that later). See, that's my spiritual sistah:

I told her that I loved Chris Botti so much, I would brave the hill and go pay the $10 to rent some and then climb all the way back up, cause you know that our seats are always in the nosebleed section cause that's where all the fun is. But, lemme tell ya, I didn't ever have to make that walk. For, just when we were out scanning the crowds to take pictures for the blog, one gentlemen stopped me; he wanted to take have his picture taken with me. And I obliged. Okay, more than obliged...

We were having such a good time, we stopped someone to take a picture of all of us!

However sweet Eddy (the pictured silver fox) was (and whatever promise of a date - yes, I said real, live actual date, he presented), we moved on with our mission, to document the fun being had by all!

Okay, this guy was hunk of beautiful man; couldn't resist recording his beauty for the ages...

Okay, by some point, things got a little blurry, cause everybody was partaying! We trudged on!
Tracy says, "don't practice alcohol abuse"

Lori, her husband Charles & me surveying the crowd.

Hey, what the heck? This guy has water in his hand!!!! He must have been the only one. But he looks like he's having fun, so I ain't mad at him!

So, this is how it goes for PBJ, we bring loads of really great food and drink. Lori makes sure we have all the utensils and toys. Yup, it was Lori who started the ubiquitous jello shot throwing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody's doing it now, but this year it was guys doing it. Wasn't at all like past years when we did it - pretty gals, giggling up and down the stairs, throwing really strong, gourmet jello-shots -If I recall correctly, the last favorite flavor was the tequila sunrise... And beads Mardi-Gras style? Yup, that was Lori too. Oh, and fluorescent light sticks? Lori. She's such a trail brazer, she didn't even know it! So, you're asking me why there isn't a good pic of Lori here. Good question, ask Amber. The one picture she took of Lor had her arm right over her face. Okay, Annie Leibowitz Amber's not.

So, for the day and well into the night, we talk, we dance, we walk around, we eat some more. Oh, it's so much fun. We don't do Sunday for a couple of reasons: (1) we're exhausted after Saturday and (2) the Sunday is usually Father's Day. I tend to spend Father's Day with my dad. So, we pack it all in on the Saturday! All in all, we had loads of fun. Eddy came back and found us - well, found me. We danced and then we chatted. I had the chance to do some inblogating and find out about this single man's thoughts.

At the half century's mark in life, accomplished (Harvard MBA), successful career, active, handsome, articulate, impossible to believe, I asked Eddy if he had ever been married. Nope. Dang, how can a man get to fly under the radar like that? He explained that he probably missed the boat a couple of times, but in general was having problems connecting with the "full package" in Los Angeles. He said although he was wired for commitment (parents coming up on over sixty years of married life, two brothers with marriages fifteen years plus), he hadn't met a BW (I did get the clarification of his preference) who was equally equipped with beauty and mind. He may be right on this, but I suspect not. LA, he said, was not short of beauty (he is absolutely correct in this), but bereft of weighty intellectuals (I have heard this before too). He wondered how I would stack up to his standards.

When he asked me if I was reticent to do something (don't recall exactly that it was - but trust me, nothing dirty), I said no, I wasn't reluctant; then it occurred to me that he had in fact been putting me through a subtle interview while we spoke, danced around and generally getting to know each other. He was testing my vocabulary, my tastes, my values to evaluate if the physical attraction was worth pursuing. I called him out on it; just to show that one of my characteristics is frankness and a desire to agitate (but only when flirting). But, I suppose, I should expect a certified analyst to do a bit of analysis, right?

Since my gurls Amber, Tracy and Lori were on site, I did bring him down for the prerequisite once over. He got thumbs up all around, actually high-fives. Just then, my bud Chris trucked out and I was bummed, but kinda distracted, all with Chris Botti's set starting soon and checking out Eddy. Oh but, Johnny Polanco & his band started their set and we were off to dance. I'm a pretty bad dancer - I mean, at any dance with steps. You do not want to know how long it took me to learn The Hustle (all I can say is that disco was well past its heyday); and I still cannot, for the life of me, do The Electric Slide. I think that alone revokes my blackness card. I do better with latin dances, but I have always been terrible with following someone else's lead -- dance-wise only, smart ass. However, Eddy seemed to be able to guide me pretty well. Don't get me wrong, we weren't going to place in any dance contests anytime soon, but I made a little mental note (as I'm making now, for he's probably going to read this post, if he is so inclined and therefore will have a significant leg up going forward, for he will know some of my inner most thoughts -- oh well; that's me, spilling all the beans upfront, in short order and no help to myself).

After dancing and talking some more - mostly getting to know each other stuff, that you Dear Reader (DR), aren't interested in reading and I'm not interested in telling, just at this moment. Amber and I ended up spending the rest of the fabulous concert with Eddy and his buddy Steve at their seats, because, thankfully, they had one thing we'd run out of long ago -- alcohol; and one thing we never had, thanks to Amber -- binoculars. Can I tell you that it's kind of weird to be meeting a new person (Eddy) while actively salivating over an old crush (Chris Botti); but it worked out well. CB played the love theme from "Cinema Paradiso" - Eddy told me how he didn't really care for the movie, he knows everyone thought it was amazing, but he just didn't like it that much. I leaned in real close, put on my sexiest voice and said, "I like the song, not so much the movie." He seemed to relax at that point, sat back and enjoyed the rest of the show. However, this time, instead of heads bobbing and fingers snapping, the heads were still, propped up against one another, fingers intertwined.

Isn't it wonderful when minds come together?


Rae L. said…
OOh girl! That looked like an awesome turnout. The pictures are fabulous and the lineup looked enticing. It sounds like you guys had fun!

Oh yes and I completely have to agree with you about Chris Botti. Yum yum. I'll take a glass of him anyday!

I hear he's single, too lol.
Ndelible said…
rae l said: "Oh yes and I completely have to agree with you about Chris Botti. Yum yum. I'll take a glass of him anyday! I hear he's single, too lol."

Yes, I believe he is. However, the last person I hear he dated was Katie Couric. Um....

And I hear he's arrogant. Guess it would be hard not to be...

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