Good Morning and Good Luck

Oh, this is my first post in my new blog. Who knew it'd be so easy?

Apparently everybody and their mommas.

Dang, I thought you have to arrange all kinds of complicated web addresses, pay people and do dazzling webmastering. If I could just write, I'd be okay. Years ago, I guess I did blog, before it become oh-so-cool. That was mostly about movies, back before I had a kid and have to wait until stuff comes on HBO to see it, but my column was always eclectic and about just about anything I damned well wanted.

And I can do it now? This easily? Fabulous. Now, if I can just make regular entries, that would be a real coup. Oh, and I'll have to figure out how to add pictures, quote, make other pretty stuff and insert links. That's a tall order.

But, in the name of my laziness and the late hour, I'll put up some of my posts from another blog (one that I will post a link to as soon as I figure out how).


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