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Under da Covers With a Brotha

"It's alright girl, you aren't used to black men."

No, I'm not. And it doesn't appear that I will be anytime soon. This is why we have best friends; they give us unfiltered, much needed truth.

Let's suppose I meet a man, a black man and go out on a few dates with him. Okay, stop laughing.

No really. Stop laughing.

It could happen. I could meet an IBM - educated, handsome, single black man (IBM = ideal black man). He could be attracted to me and I him. We could talk, find that we have many things in common and exchange numbers. Oh, and maybe we'd even go out; have a grand ole time. Things could go great; just the way we women like it -- he calls everyday, the conversations are lively and engaging, he gives all kinds of really great compliments. I could be excited. I could be thinking, "wow, after all of these years, I am actually getting involved with a very eligible black man!"

And then, reality would fall, like an anvil, right on top of my hopef…

You Gonna Eat That?

It's taken me a couple of weeks now to formulate in mind my thoughts on "FAT PIG", the Neil LaBute play that recently closed at the Geffen Playhouse. I went to see it with GF Michele after dinner at NineThirty at the W Hotel. Oh that dinner. NVG - but v expensive! But this isn't a restaurant review, now is it? I think I'm saving most of those for NYC anyway.

I was pretty excited to see FP, as I thought the topic, a thin man dating a large woman and the reactions he gets from coworkers, was, I mean is, very relevant in today's society. This is especially true in LosAngeles where I have often said that it is more acceptable for men to date kleptos, psychos or druggies than a woman with a little weight on her. How can that be? I mean, dude, she's steals, lies, sleeps with the diseased, but hey, she's skinny! People, people, please! In addition, Scott Wolf was taking the role originated by Jeremy Piven on Broadway. I thought his good looks would add a new …

Just Another Day at PBJ

Oh yeah, after two years, I'm back in the saddle and attended the first day of the annual Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl! Boy, am I glad that Lori (thank you Gurl!) decided to reignite her annual picnic/party/concert tradition that we know and love as PBJ. I forgot how much fun this event can be. I especially love it because I feel it is the best of Los Angeles; full of people of all ages, races and walks of life. The PBJ embodies the promise of LA; everyone together, having a darn good time. And the music! This year was an excellent line up:
Buddy Guy
Chris Botti
Phil Woods Quintet
Angelique Kidjo
Count Basie Orchestra
Randy Brecker-Bill Evans Soulbop Band
The James Carter Organ TrioCos of Good Music
Johnny Polanco y su Conjunto Amistad
Eagle Rock High School Jazz Ensemble
Oh, all of my friends know that I love Chris Botti. Not only is he very easy on the eyes, he's a delight to the ears. I have never seen him live, so I was very excited. What I was not excited about is t…

Insane in the Blog Game

Sometimes in life, you just have to put people down, out of your mind, remove their links and get back to figuring out important things, like how to get a date at Cut. For the last two days, I have been posting comments on another blog about interracial relationships, specifically of the black female (BW) - white male (WM) variety. My views there were not popular. I find that funny since I’ve dated interracially all of my life. I mean, my first crush, in kindergarten was on Peter Chen, an asian (AM) classmate. Man, he was really good at kickball and he was so cute! Probably still is -- good at kickball that is.

Me, I’ve never cared who dated whom, racially speaking and have never been bothered by black men (BM) dating white women (WW), although I know that many BW are. And it’s no secret; many BW offer very loud condemnations of such relationships, including BM marriages to BW of lighter complexions. I couldn’t care less. Those relationships have never bothered me. I didn’t care who BM…


I have always believed that a winning title and a fabulous opening sentence more than make up for any deficiencies that might be found within the body of any piece of literature. No matter how unreadable I found “A Tale of Two Cities”, that title - great and the opening line, “…It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” erases all that follows. But that’s just my opinion.

I am a maker of lists that I do nothing with, as you’ll come to see. I like to give five reasons for this or three reasons for that, for what, I don’t know. I usually have trouble backing up my lists. Or worse, I usually lose the point of my lists somewhere between naming and the actual listing. For instance, I’ll give you five really good reasons to bookmark this blog:

1. I need the attention.
2. My life has been nominally interesting.
3. I get a vicarious thrill from the idea that you might identify with some of my kooky ideas.
4. You might learn something.
5. I like the idea that what I h…

Good Morning and Good Luck

Oh, this is my first post in my new blog. Who knew it'd be so easy?

Apparently everybody and their mommas.

Dang, I thought you have to arrange all kinds of complicated web addresses, pay people and do dazzling webmastering. If I could just write, I'd be okay. Years ago, I guess I did blog, before it become oh-so-cool. That was mostly about movies, back before I had a kid and have to wait until stuff comes on HBO to see it, but my column was always eclectic and about just about anything I damned well wanted.

And I can do it now? This easily? Fabulous. Now, if I can just make regular entries, that would be a real coup. Oh, and I'll have to figure out how to add pictures, quote, make other pretty stuff and insert links. That's a tall order.

But, in the name of my laziness and the late hour, I'll put up some of my posts from another blog (one that I will post a link to as soon as I figure out how).