Let's Talk About Sex

For the record, Roy Moore does not deserve to serve in the U.S. Senate because he is a fool and charlatan who does not respect the Constitution - except for the 2nd Amendment (is that surprising?).  He is a disgraced, former jurist.  

And he appears to be a serial sexual predator of young women.  That first statement should be in the nail in his political office coffin.  And the second should be the dirt on that coffin, but it's not.  And that's a shame.  A clear pattern has been established and verified.  For many on the right side of the aisle, the evidence, the statements of the women are not enough.  I get the political reasons why Republicans don't want to lose a Senate seat.  But at what cost?  The cost of their souls.  History will not be kind to them on many levels.

No Moore


No More

So, Kevin Spacey is out on House of Cards (effectively shutting down the show) but Danny Masterson is doing just fine on The Ranch (have you seen that dreck?)????  Okay, Netflix, get rid of one, get rid of the other.  The details of the encounters are only similar in that two individuals sexually bullied and harassed those around them.  And powerful people made excuses, covered up and enabled them.  The recent spat of exposure of serial sexual harassers and predators is a step in the right direction - let's shame this abhorrent behavior - but two things.  First, we have to be careful about accusations - giving equal consideration to accuser and accused.  Second, companies and institutions have to be fair in dealing with both parties as well. This should be particularly true when the accused has several accusers and the authorities are already investigating.  Of course. that means that a great man people will lose their positions, maybe even their jobs.  But the protection of this …

New Obsession - Citizen Cope

So I am getting old.  We all do.  And it's true, time seems to fly by.  I don't know how it happened, but I'm glad to have the memories.  Where I feel age most is music.  You know, the day you don't know any of the currently popular tracks, you're old.  I fancy myself a pretty good arbiter of good music, so I am ashamed to admit that I missed this genius.  Yup, I'm calling it.  I'm late.  Clarence Greenwood, aka Citizen Cope, has been around for ages. The above with Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton?!) is from 2010!  How did I not know about him?  I didn't know.  My husband didn't know.  Most people didn't know.  That needs to change.  He's good.  His music is good.  And he's got a fab life partner - Alice Smith.

So, my mission is let as many people as possible know about him.  He should be a thing.  And so should Alice.

You're welcome.


NHI.  Non Human Involved.  Ever heard that term before?  No?  Well, don't feel bad, neither had I, until I watched the compelling and disturbing documentary, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, directed by Nick Broomfield and currently running on HBO.  I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  And perhaps there are many reasons for that.  I live in South Central and recognized every single one of the backgrounds in the film.  Heck, I saw the major corner just two blocks away from my house, at least three different times in the hour and a half film.  I shook my head at the hookers walking Western Avenue that I see on a regular basis.  I was ashamed of my city.  My neighborhood and the sorry state of affairs that we are all in. 

But then, there is more...  For the past two years, there have been disturbing cases of Black men being dismissed and frequently, killed by the police.  It seems like an epidemic.  One that the Black Community was long aware of, but just discovered by the Media …

To Be Sad or Happy?

I used to think that I wrote better sad.  But then 2013 was one hell of a sad one and I didn't write much at all.  Now,  I'm happy and think I should write.  Rather, maybe now I've got something to say.  Or maybe I'm not as distracted as I once was and can go back to talking (writing) shit.  We shall see, won't we?

With Him

2013 was not the greatest year for me.  I lost two of the most important people in my life - my Mother passed in October.  Earlier in the year, I lost someone I felt was the love of my life.  I spent most of the year mourning that loss.  I was miserable, but somehow, through the haze of pain, I knew things would work out.  I didn't know how things would work out, but I knew they would.  The Universe would make things right; even if I did not know how.  

And at the close of the year, things seem to indicate that 2014 just might be better.  The Universe brought I and my love back together  And the dawn of 2014 cemented that  We are together now  We acknowledge the pain of the past.  And we know, we don't want to go there.  Ever again.