I have been struggling the last week with the Zimmerman verdict.  A profound sadness has been over me.  I have constructed posts in my head every day.  And then I saw a link to this fantastically honest and moving blog post.  The bigger issue is how we relate to one another.  How we see each other.  How we see ourselves.  Well said, Brother, well said!




Today, this week, this month, this life, I am practicing patience.  Patience is not something I am very good at.  I have to work to not obsess or worry.  I look for inspirations everywhere all of the time, because, well, I worry - did I say that already?  Working on one's self is always a good thing and I know I will be a better person and a better role model for my son.  It just takes so long and I ain't even done with the night.


The Days After

I made two bum predictions for the Oscars and now that I've had enough whiskey, I see my errors. And that takes work my friends.

I forgot how much the Academy hates Spielberg's financial success, so he really never stood a chance. Oh, and I told you already that it bored me silly (perhaps that should have been my clue). That said, I still would have have gotten the winner wrong just because I would have not chosen Ang Lee. And my reason would have been simple. His movie should not have been called Life of Pi but rather Shipwreck of Pi since it did not cover his life at all. I'd say that is false advertising.

I have been called out for not choosing Christoph Waltz in the Supporting Actor category when, indeed, he was my personal favorite. I was predicting what I thought the Academy would do. In most cases it aligned nicely with my own favorites (4 out of six ain't so bad). So, in the end, I'm quite happy to be wrong. He is an actor I am always interested and usually delighted to see perform.

As for the show, which I skipped in favor of The Walking Dead and Shameless.  I had a feeling that Seth Macfarlane was the wrong type of host. You gotta be tasteful and yet still crass without losing the ability to be biting and funny. I hear he pretty much failed at all aspects. Between the boob song (I am waiting for the follow up "We Saw Your Dick") and an extremely ill thought out Tweet from the Onion about a 9 year old, I'm happy I got to see a zombie jaw stomped on.  Sounds way more pleasant.


Sunday Thoughts

Sunday mornings is when I roll my eyes, yell at the TV and wonder why people who are so stupid and keep getting asked back to the "Sunday Shows".  I'm looking at you Carly Fiorina.  

I propose I be asked to appear on either Meet the Press or This Week and advance the following:

1.  The deficit is a manufactured worry.  It is not what we should focus on right now.

2.  The Sequester will affect people's buying power, thus affecting the overall economy.

3.  Bengazi is a manufactured outrage.

4.  John McCain is a grumpy old man that we should all thank the stars didn't become POTUS.

5.  Obama does not need to reach out to the GOP and be nice to them.  They hate him and by extension, most of the country.

6.  We are a consumer based economy.  See #2.

7.  Zero Dark Thirty is being hailed as a masterpiece, but it's actually a quite boring film mistaken for a great one due to the subject matter.

8.  There is no reason for a civilian to have an automatic or semi automatic rifle; unless you want to shoot Brown People.  See #5

9.  Limit the fucking 20+ bullet magazines.  See #8.

10. Background checks are a more than reasonable condition for purchasing a firearm.

11. FLOTUS is awesome.

12. You can't hunt or protect your home with a shotgun?

13. There is something wrong with the world; Rihanna has 7 Grammys.

14. Spending on infrastructure is called investment.  See #1.

15. Spending on education is actually smart.  See #1.

16. McCain didn't choose Romney as VP & Romney didn't choose Rubio.  Think about it.  & see #4,

17. Rent Searching for Sugar Man today before the Oscars.

18. Hilary will be too old to run for POTUS in 2016; so will Biden.

19. That Gavin Newsom sure is fione.

20. Jobs are jobs are jobs.  Complaining about government jobs is stupid.  Those jobs pay taxes just like everyone else.  See #1.

21. The next time I see a Republican asking for a new base or spending in their district, I'm gonna upchuck.

22. Upchuck in 1, 2, 3...

23. Father's Office does NOT have the best burger in the U.S.

24. Wanna take a bet on when and how Lindsey Graham will come out?

25. I realized I don't have enough upchuck to cover Republican hypocrisy.

26. Let's leave the zombie apocalypse to Walking Dead, shall we?


Let Them Entertain You

Ah this weekend are the Oscars.  So, here are my picks.  But first, let me say that my favorite movie of the year is not nominated for Best Picture - well, it kinda is - it's up for Best Documentary.  And you know what, it should be up for overall Best Picture, cause honestly, it's now moved into position of my favorite movie of all time.  Heady proclamation?  Yup, but I have to admit, I love it.  I suspect you might too (once you see it)

It's about art, commerce, social justice and love.  I downloaded the soundtrack right after I finished watching the movie and play it all of the time.  You will be amazed that you've not heard it before.  It's that good.  Here's trailer (the only clip I'm gonna give)

So my predictions?  Only for the big six (Picture, Director, Actor, Actress (lead & supporting).  The others (excepting documentary), I don't give too much of a hoot about.

Picture - obviously not my favorite - not even in my top three, but it looks like the momentum is going to 

Director - whatever - the film kind of bored me silly - heresy I know 

Actress - this girl is the real deal; been saying it since Winter's Bone

Supporting Actress - sometimes there's just a moment and you know someone's got the award

Actor - the dude is amazing.  Deal

Supporting Actor - love him and he, rather than Lincoln provided the emotional highlights of the film

So, I didn't think the year was terribly strong for feature film.  In fact, I think that broadcast television is where it's at, as far as storytelling in new and innovative ways.  The other day, a friend said she and her boyfriend don't watch TV that much, "there's nothing on"!  There's nothing on?  Really?  I asked her what they want to watch and she admitted movies.  "Well! That's your problem!  There aren't any good movies.  You've got to watch series!"  With the advent of the cable "season", there's something on at all times of the year.  The summer is not an entertainment desert like it used to be, so you were forced to go to the movies.  Today, TV is where it's at.  In no particular order, these shows are on my DVR timer (I've said it once, I've said it a zillion times, DVRs are the best thing since sliced bread!)


And let me give you two new guilty pleasures

You're welcome.  All you have to do is be busy in your regular life, save up those episodes and watch a few at a time.  It'll be just like a movie.  Voila!