Make Better

Okay, consider this a shameless plug - that's my girl, Maneli, in the video and her boyfriend, Kyle conceived and filmed it.  Crazy talent, right??????  Oh, and the song is pretty good too, from the upcoming album Intuition and Equalibrum.  Note that the interiors were shot in Brentwood and the exteriors in Iceland in August.

Fione Man of the Moment: Jorge Ramos

What more can you ask for?  Smart, articulate, multilingual, fair, handsome!  Jorge Ramos has it all.  I must admit that I look forward to the rest of the nation paying attention to him every four years as we are reminded of the browning of the nation.  I should pay attention to him all of the time.  But I don't speak Spanish! 


I'm Exhaling. How About You?

Not going to the Playboy Jazz Festival this year, where Robin Thicke will be performing.  In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to enjoy this:


Here's One Black Chick Who Likes the Beachboys

How I'm feeling right this minute.  Doing the long distance thing really sucks.  And then you remember the last scene from "Love Actually" where they show people reuniting in the airport and this song plays in the background.  If I'm drunk, I actually cry....


Beautiful Images & Jewelry Showcase from Cartier

Visually stunning, this long form film depicting House Cartier's history and vision cements them as my favorite jeweler over the famed House Tiffany.


Somehow I missed this.  Been wondering what happened to Jon B.  We all do get old....


I don't own a hoodie.  Target is selling them.  Wonder where Trayvon got his.  Two things: walking while Black is dangerous.  Even though my son's look ambiguous, I'm more scared now than I ever have been for his safety.  Second, from right to left, up to down, it appears that the Sanford Police Department needs to be looked at from top to bottom.  There's something rotten there.