On Presumption

DRs, as you know, I've been totally obsessing on the presidential campaign, watching - in total Road to the White House, Hardball and Countdown via DVR. The latest buzz word is "presumptuous" - as in Obama is. Well, what do you know? As a BW, I hear "uppity negro". Yeah, right. I suppose that is what any successful person of color has heard over the course of their career. It's the "black tax" - we have to work harder, be smarter, think faster, be nicer, and look, well, nonthreatening while doing it. How on earth does one do all of those things and be "nonthreatening"? Change is always threatening; always - without question. Powers that be/are - hopefully going away, are scared that they will be gone, swept away by competence.

Yes, that's it - Obama is confident. He is capable. And smart. And fast. It is his job to convince us, The People, that he is ready on day one.

I think he's doing a fine job. Go head man!

As an uppity, presumptuous BW, I approve this message.


Just Because

Thoughts on Thoughts

They call me lazy.

Not actually, I call myself lazy. Gosh, am I tired these days. The last couple of weeks, I have been trying to figure out just why no urge to write; no urge to clean; no urge to do. Well, that's now true. I have been doing things. I have been going on little weekend jaunts (two cruises and two weekends in Palm Springs so far) and that's all I've been wanting to do - get away. In the spring, I thought I wanted a party to celebrate my 40th. Now, I'm totally off that idea. Parties don't sound fun to me. Okay, that's not totally true - if someone else would do the planning, the shopping, the cleaning and the paying, I'd be totally for one big, blowout. But, it's up to me - everybody is broke, including yours truly.

I have not wanted to date either. However, I have always wanted a cocktail. Okay, not really the issue - no obvious suspects on the horizon for that either. Doesn't matter - I am still in Mr. Casablanca space - no one quite lights the fire or the imagination. Is this me? Or is this normal? I'm not moping around - just not keyed in where other men is concerned. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm am blind - I sometimes see a fine specimen, but they are very few and very far in between. Should I lose weight - get down to a size 10? I mean, geesh, I would be a force to be reckoned with if I were thinner, right? Or, should I just be and try to find a man who would be happy with me thin or thick? I am perplexed by it all. I am not sure. Perhaps this indecision causes me to be in limbo.

I am a single mom. I don't have a lot of time. I work. I'm tired. Now, I know why my Mom wanted to sleep all the time when I was a kid. It's exhausting being a mother. It's also rewarding and exciting. Being a modern woman is great and confusing. It can also be somewhat of a letdown. It's a real good thing that it's an election year, I have something else to focus on.

Which brings me to the recent New Yorker cover of Barack and Michelle done up as a Muslim and a Black Panther fighter respectively. No, I'm not putting the image up. Now, I am not offended by the cover - I just don't think it's very good satire. And my reason is because the cartoon did not either amplify a truth or widely held impression nor it did contain conflicting images, such as a dogeared Bible, Jeremiah Wright on tape, a cruxific on the wall. Nope, it was not outlandish enough. You know why - some people actually believe the images portrayed. Yes, as ignorant as they are, these folk believe Michelle is a revolutionary and Barack is a closeted member of the mujahideen. In that case, the hyperbole quotient should have much higher than it was. Too bad the New Yorker lost an opportunity to really make a statement. But, I'm very sure that Management is happy with all of the attention. When was the last time the New Yorker was relevant?

So pony up. Give to Barack's campaign. This is our country, but the RNC is far ahead of the DNC in funds on hand, so if you've only got $20; give $10 to Barack and $10 to the DNC - eventually the money will be pooled, but the DNC can't be viewed as so far behind the RNC in fundraising. It's war and this time, we're gonna win!

I got a new Blackberry a couple of weeks ago. For some shiteous reason, my company switched to Nextel last year and gave us, what has to be the worst business pda ever - the 7100i. Not only did we have to contend with crappy Nextel service, it does not have a QWERTY keyboard, a camera or very good net surfing capabilities. After complaining, campaigning, cajoling, some of us got Verizon Curves. So, I got back to a classic Blackberry with a bonus - an integrated camera. Let's not complain that I actually purchased a new digital camera the week before. I figured that I will now be able to take random pictures and post them here. Nothing really funny yet, mostly just random shots, so I'll oblige to close out a weird weekend rant. Blood fortifier? Who knew?

Fione Man of the Month

Chris Botti
I am mucho excited - on Wednesday I'm heading out to the Chris Botti & Orchestra show at the Hollywood Bowl. His special guest will be Cassandra Wilson, my favorite jazz singer. Not only is Mr. Botti very, very talented on the trumpet, my Dad's instrument, he is absolutely gorgeous. When I put him on for my Dad, he was mightily impressed - I didn't show him a picture of CB - he might have rethought his talented pronouncement. So, now that I'm grown, and I bought somewhat decent seats, I can look at Mr. Botti with abandon, not on the jumbo tron (note to self: just in case, bring/rent/steal/borrow some binoculars so you can ogle real close up).

Whenever I figure out how to add a clip of some of his music to the blog, I will! Viva Chris Botti - thanks for not being just a pretty face!



Well, in case you didn't figure it out, there were no, I said no fione men on the cruise - taken or otherwise. It was so strange. And so frustrating. I almost wrote on the comment card (that was filled with a bunch of stuff), "get cuter men". I figured that would negate all of my previous, very valid complaints about the trip - you know, the lousy food, the insulting shows, the lack of enthusiasm from the crew... Valid stuff all around.

Skip Carnival - the trailers are practically pulled behind the ship.

Back to Royal Caribbean. I'm actually thinking of skipping a birthday party and just relaxing when I can. Call it the summer of me.



Tracy and I are off to Mexico for another cruise this weekend - mostly to celebrate that birthday - yipee! I can't wait. I sure do hope that there are some fione men to be seen; the fewer clothes the better.

I am not a candidate for an open position in my company any longer; they pulled a dick cheney and chose one of the search committee to be the candidate. Oh well. I guess I can be better off staying with my gals, knowing my job and not having to work my fingers to the bones. I did get a new Blackberry -- with a camera, so I will be taking random pictures and posting them from now on.

No man compares to Mr. Casablanca so far in my eyes. It's actually quite annoying. There have got to be great guys out there, right?

I've consolidated, refinanced, paid off and budgeted. Why do I still feel broke?

My stomach and my thighs are not getting any smaller. But the good news is, neither are my tits.

I tried fried crickets today - insects really are the new protein you know. They weren't bad - quite good actually, especially when you hide them under raita, sweet & sour sauce as well as rice.

The sunlight brings me joy; as does the evening sky.

Trusting the loving universe doesn't sound like such a bad idea right at this moment.

Wonder Reintroduced

I got the chance to go to the movies last week - and boy was I glad that our schedule got all mixed up, that we had to make a change in our choice of film. Godsister KK wanted to see Sex & the City after ten months in Ghana. (SATC isn't the only thing I'd want to see after ten months in Africa, that's all I've got to say...) I was surely up to it, being a SATC fan; although I was fine waiting until it debuted on HBO, like I do for most films. For her, SATC would be just fine on a warm Friday afternoon. Then we ran out of time and options to take care of Cam, so we had to pick something child-friendly -- his first movie in the theater.
We choose Wall-E.

Boy am I glad that we did.

I loved this film. I found it the perfect pitch of humor, romance, message, smarts and wonder - yes, wonder. Wonder is something quite missing from our lives today. How beautiful is a lighter bringing forward a yellow middle surrounded by a halo of blue? Do we recall the simplicity and perfection of a sapling? And yes, we can forget the beauty beyond our atmosphere - the Milky Way of stars and planets. But Wall-E brings it all to us in Pixar color!

It's the story of a robot who inhabits wonder; he finds beauty in the mundane and for us - the usual. Wall-E is sweet, smart and earnest. The character is so charming - so very likable, that you can't help but relate. When EVE shows up on our decimated planet, it's telling us something; technology, while beautiful, can be deadly.

The story? Earth dies, humans become fat consumers, earth regenerates. Robot gets robot. Oh, and cockroaches survive all. I'm happy to report that even Cam survived - only getting restless during the last ten minutes of the film. I'd say that's pretty good for an inaugural film for a three and a half year old, wouldn't you?

I have been telling everyone to see this film -- it is brilliant. No, it's awesome. Well, it's fantastic. Geesh, it's unforgettable. I am giving Wall-E the highest compliment and recommendation --

I would pay full price to see it again.