Playgirls at the Playboy

Yes, it's that time of year - the annual funfest that is the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend. Again, it was fun, fun, fun. And, imagine that more IBMs (ideal black males) - yet, this time, we thought they were gay and I had just enough alcohol in me to ask the question. Talk about offended. Whew. Guess that's why I like the vanilla guys - they don't seem to get so upset about such drunken questions as this...
A few shots of Trace, Mike, Dan and I drinking, laughing, eating, and well, smiling....

Can't wait until next year!

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Lovebabz said...

You look FABULOUS!

Nice looking man!

Oh by the way...I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF! My long locs that iwas growing for 12 years down to my butt...GONE!

I love short HAIR!