It Was My Birthday!!!!

Dinner at Hatfield's with Tracy, KK, Lanky & Spermy (I'll explain in a later post...) this past Wednesday, June 25th, my 40th birthday. Guess what my wish was.....


Playgirls at the Playboy

Yes, it's that time of year - the annual funfest that is the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl this past weekend. Again, it was fun, fun, fun. And, imagine that more IBMs (ideal black males) - yet, this time, we thought they were gay and I had just enough alcohol in me to ask the question. Talk about offended. Whew. Guess that's why I like the vanilla guys - they don't seem to get so upset about such drunken questions as this...
A few shots of Trace, Mike, Dan and I drinking, laughing, eating, and well, smiling....

Can't wait until next year!


Fione Man of the Month

Russell Wong
This month, I am giving some love to the Asian brothers out there. And why not? My first crush in life was on Peter Chang in kindergarten! Let me not mention that it was because he reminded me of Bruce Lee... I'm not especially drawn to Asian men, what I am attracted to are handsome, sexy, smart men -- no matter the race or ethnicity. A lot of people don't know who Russell is, although, they've probably seen him in movies like The Joy Luck Club or Romeo Must Die. My favorite is the 80s indie, Eat a Bowl of Tea, a completely charming film not seen by nearly enough folk. Oh, and he has a half black daughter... Oh, you gotta love a man who is open to cross the racial line! Now ladies, give it up for Russell, he's most assuredly, an Asian God!


Many Mes

Oh me oh my... such is life. Trace and I had a very nice time in Palm Springs at this fabulous spot we found - Hotel Zoso, with lovely rooms, appointed in a tasteful, modern manner with a 42 inch flat screen television. I also liked the pool table in the lobby and live jazz with Sunday breakfast (although not a traditional champagne brunch). As for (straight) man hunting - nada, zilch. Palm Springs is a cross between West Hollywood and Boca Raton. Oh, there were couples, who wants them? But no one I could sink my teeth in (literally).

As I wrote last week, we're also going on another cruise over the 4th of July holiday weekend. This time, we're going to try
Carnival for the party factor. As I told my work buddy Chris today - at least I have a life; it involves alcohol, dancing and the opposite sex. Just barely though. The cruise was full of men - none of them keepable or even memorable. They were eye candy - there for the cougar taking (get it, I will officially be a cougar on the 25th of this month). I will be spending the next few weeks increasing the animal print and denim components of my wardrobe. Hey, a girl, err, a woman's gotta be ready, right?

Oh, lovely torsos and pecs and six packs... But what is up with men shaving their chest hair? It's also fascinating to see how many men have tattoos, especially Asian lettering - who knows what it really says? Could be anything. Oh, and piercings. I can't say I'm much of a fan. I'm such a commitmentphobe, any changes I make are temporary (wigs, contacts - but the tits? buddy, you can bet they're real). And now I can say I've loosely (what a way with words I have) *experienced* a man with a tongue piercing and all I can say is, "what's the big deal?" It's not something I'll seek out in the future, but, I won't turn them away either...

Trace is very happy that I'm back - finally out of the romantic cave that was Mr. Casablanca. And I have to admit, the last couple of weeks I was feeling very single and ready to mingle. Yet, alas, this weekend I found myself thinking of him often. I decided to be okay with this crush revisiting me -- anything to bring a smile. And if anything, MC brings a smile to my face -- every time.

This weekend, it's the Playboy Jazz Festival, always a day of fun. I do apologize for not having pictures of my oh-so-exciting life -- my digital camera is broken and I need a new one. Believe you me, it's on my list of birthday wishes -- along with a Wii Fit.


A Few Thoughts

I'm resting up, so just a few thoughts:


Ladies and gentlemen, he will be the next president of the United States.


On the cruise - we've already booked the next one for the 4th of July weekend. I expect that one to be even more fun, although it's just gonna be me and Tracy and not a foursome. I got some jewelry. I'm just drying out, so give me a minute to rest up!