Ndel's Back & Stuffed

DRs, I am back from NYC and I've got pictures to prove it! Now, mind you, the pics are of what we ate, but hey, a gal's gotta showcase her love! GF Michele wants a full report and I'm going to give it to her! Give me a few to nurse the ankle (got worse) and a head cold from the over air conditioned interiors and you'll get the full feed.

A few quick thoughts on NYC:

(1) Lots of young people in the city; the title of my post was going to be "Where the Grown Folk Are", but I might have to rethink that one.
(2) The city is not as 24 hour as urban legends would have you believe.
(3) They really need to get the cool trash trucks that pick up receptacles instead of nasty trash bags.

More later....

Fione Man of the Week

Hugh Jackman

I have loved this man since I laid eyes on him! He will be starring in and executive producing Viva Laughlin this fall. It's enough to make me start watching CBS!

I mean, Hugh is hugely talented! He can act, he can sing, he can dance, he can executive produce! We've been missing a leading man with this much versatility. I welcome it and I welcome him. Yum!

Let's hear it for Hugh!


Countdown to NYC

Mamma is going to New York and she couldn't be more excited! And this, in spite of falling down the deck stairs last night and really hurting my ankle, not to mention scraping up my leg pretty well. And all I've got is cute sandals to wear. Oh, and I tore off part of my big toe nail. I'm hoping the nail lady can repair it so I my feet will be passable. So much to do. I starting packing this morning, but still need to get a few items. And have you checked out the prices for sleepwear lately? The set I want is upwards of $80!!!! That's the price of a dress! Luckily, I have a giftcard, sooo maybe I'll treat myself.

Cam is with his daddy today, so I'm thinking I'll finish up shopping, get my eyebrows threaded (have you ever done this? it's amazingly painful, but thankfully short; you look fabulous afterward. I haven't decided if I'll do just the brows or get the entire face done - tears will fall); then stop and see "Sicko" and finally pick up the little man. Oh, as long as I take an aspirin to dull the pain, I'll be okay. I've got to get my feet in shape for painting the town red!!!!!

Well, I returned all of the things I needed to return and got my entire face threaded - don't make me think about it - as momma said, "beauty is pain". I hope I don't get a bunch of bumps, like the lady informed me sensitive skin sometimes does - little does she know, I don't have sensitive skin - I hope. I mean, my leg is already messed up enough; swollen and full of scabs. Where's the witch hazel when you need it? I didn't get the chance to see "Sicko" because I got carried away shopping for pajamas and a dress. I had success with pjs - ended up with a black number, but with dresses? I feel a rant coming on...

What is up with the dresses and shirts this season having the boobs cut in? Women, even skinny women aren't board flat! Well, most of them aren't... The popularity of the empire cut has really cut into my choices. As a large busted woman, I am popping out of size 14s; not in the arms, not in the legs, not in the waist - in the bust. Actually, I can't see how normal breasted women can fit into the little area the designers are allotting us since the average bra size is now 36c. Look at that picture - no way a C cup could fit in that little area! For so long they didn't cut for our hips, now they've eliminated our breasts. I'm frustrated as well, because this new empire style cut extends to shirts and blouses as well. What the hell is up with that? I do find that usually female designers are a little better, but I'm not so sure anymore. One funny thing I saw was a sign up on Ann Taylor's window that said, "Look for our new curvy sizes". I happened to see the sign when was leaving, but I'll be sure to stop into Ann Taylor next time I'm at the mall. More than likely, I'll purchase something from them from this new sizing line, as I am grateful for any outlet that sees a (my) need and fills it. I have found some dresses in the Women's department, but everything else was just a little too big for me. Perhaps it's time for another fashion revolution - in addition to junior, regular, women's & petite, there should be curvy; regular sizes the generous hip and bust measurements. I suppose I could lose weight, oh, but losing the tits is real hard. Quite frankly, losing some tit might not be a hit with the fellas... And anyway, who says I'm not embarking on a new life - post NYC that is (got too many reservations at amazing restaurants to really start pre-NYC). Okay, end of rant - kind of, I'm sure I'm start bitching sooner or later; Michael Moore has his causes and I have mine.


Just a thought on size - every size.


Fione Man of the Week

Summer 2007 has been christened the Summer of Love, so I am instituting a new weekly feature, the fione man of the week. I will pick some random man – okay, so it won't be so random, he'll probably be famous (so much easier for me to get pics of). Rest assured, he will be gorgeous – in my estimation, so that might mean he's sexy, perhaps nontraditional in looks; maybe he'll be to your taste, maybe he won't. This week, I am highlighting two men, because both have come to my attention in weird ways. And, both have rumors of homosexuality swirling around them. What do I care about who their bed mates are? This is eye candy baby, enjoy!

Gerard Butler

BF Amber has been turned on to this dude for a long time. When she tried to tell me about him over a year and a half ago, she had to scour the Net to find a decent pic. Not such a problem anymore… By various accounts he is either gay, a strict Christian or dates BW. For obvious reasons, I hope it's the latter… For interesting homage to the man, check out one of Rae L's sites Gerard Butler After Dark

Shemar Moore

Brotha Man likes to bare all. Recently, he was caught frolicking on a beach that has been identified as "gay". Of course, the gossip feeds of the Net are abuzz with speculation about his sexual orientation. Who cares? If he is gay, does that mean I can't drool over him anymore?

I don't have a site for him - or at least one that I know or like. Pop his name in Google search

Challenge: Practice holding the gaze of every man you see; try batting your eyes at the ones you find attractive. Flirt. Don't worry about what reaction you might or might not get. Focus on you and your technique. Remember, both these fione hunks are single; ladies (and maybe gentlemen), start your engines….

The End of a Love Affair?

I guess I shouldn't have expected it to last. I suppose I should hate Google now... Plenty of folk got things to say about mining data, keeping info on peeps and general distrust of the corporate structure. I'm in agreement, but Google is appealing to the laziness in me. No matter what the people say, I'm gonna love ya anyway Google…


Need I Say More?

I don't consider myself especially technologically gifted. I can get around a computer, the Net, set up the home theatre system decently, but I'm no techie. So, imagine my surprise when I found out that I could publish a blog in under an hour and have it look really good; could have knocked me over with iPod! I hadn't signed up for Gmail earlier because I was a bit suspicious of Google having all of my search history, among other things. Call me cautious, but I'm not liking what our government is doing, why should I give them my life on a silver platter? I was made to feel somewhat better when Google defied the Justice Department's sweeping request for the search habits of potentially millions of people, but still I didn't bite. Oh, and shout out to Qwest for doing the same! What got me was deciding to write my own blog – I had to sign up for Gmail and then Blogger. And ever since that afternoon, I'm one happy junior techie. Let me tell you why.

Heretofore, I only surfed the Net looking occasionally at blogs, mostly going to discussion boards or just shopping. I never made a habit of checking sites regularly, hence my poor posting history on Daily Kos. It was no big deal; I didn't feel like I was missing anything (what you don't know, you won't miss – or something like that). That is, until I started my own blog. I want people to read it. And, I wanted them to start reading it immediately. Where were they? Why weren't they coming? (Now mind you, this was day two of the blog.) I couldn't figure out how people got others to come to their blog. I imagined the key was reading other blogs, posting comments and then getting linked from that blog to your blog; you know, the old daisy chain idea, "and so on and so on and so on…" That presented me with a whole new problem – to find interesting, relevant blogs, read them and then post on them to become a known commenter with her own blog that should be linked to. Okay, find blogs, that's one problem. Actually read posts and comment, a whole other one… How on earth was I going to do that?

Google to the rescue yet again!

If you have not found Google Reader, do so immediately! It is the most wonderful tool on earth for lazy people! All you do is sign in (got that Gmail account, right?) and type in the blogs or websites you wish to have delivered to your iGoogle personalized page. It's that simple. Once you set up your Google page with the content you want (Reader, Calendar, news feeds {NPR, CNN, Fox [?????], LA Times, NY Times} and other fun stuff, like quotes of the day, set it as your homepage (it still has the Google search engine line figured prominently) and the updated posts will come to you! How sweet is that? How amazing is that? Plenty, let me tell you. Oh, and the page also allows you to display your Gmail inbox, so you'll see your mail, your posts and any other information you feel you need to make your life go. Google Reader will so solve the problem of my friends claiming they didn't know there was a new post…

So, I put in the blogs that I know I like and some other sites as well… Bossip.com, TMZ, Huffington Post, Greg Palast.com, freakanomics.com, to name a few that I feel I need to have the latest posts from. I'm still searching for actual blogs to add subscriptions to, but as I find them, that's the first place I'm going to put them! I know that Outlook as well as other email services have newsgroups and RSS feeds (?), but I can't begin to explain how easy Google Reader was. It's so cool and I know I'm only using a small fraction of its capability, but I have to shout from the virtual hills – I LOVE GOOGLE.

Yahoo is sooooo last decade. Hotmail – totally over.

Google Guys, the bazillion dollars you all are making is so well deserved. Keep innovating and protecting our privacy.

I'm feeling lucky.


Optimus Prime is My Hero

!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Move over Keith!

Just saw the new Transformers movie. Fan-tas-tic is all I can say. As usual, I went to see it at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood; my favorite place to see movies. Although, last week I ventured out to the new Landmark Cinemas at the Westside Pavilion; it and the Arclight and I guess The Bridge, are the "upscale" places to see films in LA. All three are nicely appointed foyers, reserved seating and sell popcorn with real butter; not to mention sell high priced tickets. My single ticket to the first showing of Transformers at Cinerama Dome theatre was $11.00! But that's okay, mostly, because I think that every theater should have real butter for their popcorn; that would more than justify for the high prices for everything else. I mean, the revamped Mann's Chinese Theatres are great, but you don't get real butter on your popcorn. The Grove? No butter either. And with my precious movie time (I get, on the average, one movie per quarter), I have to go where the movie is playing and the popcorn has butter!

And playing that movie was! It was playing to many car crashes, explosions, serviceable jokes and admirable Autobots, especially that fione Optimus Prime. I am so down with him. Okay, so we'll be a mixed couple, but I think it'll be okay. He's tall – and don't we all love height? He's fair and protective; he's well traveled; and, he's got transportation taken care of. I think we'll make a great couple. Plus, after Transformers, he's a star; nobody can catch him. I know that most good versus bad movies need a strong villain, but amazingly enough, the main bad guy doesn't make a movement until the last quarter of the film. I don't know about anyone else, but I felt the menace without him. Since I am a marginal fan of the original 80's series, I do know that OP, herein after known as My Wheels, sacrifices himself to save humans and fellow Autobots. The whole picture, all I could think is, "they're not going to kill him, are they? No way, they can't kill off the franchise with the first movie!... Gawd, I hope he stays alive; I'll kill Megatron myself!" Of course, I couldn't quite figure out why they were keeping the dope in cryofreeze in the middle of the desert but whatever… Here I am going on about My Wheels and creep who wants to take him out when I should be giving you, DR, a synopsis of the movie!

- Marines in desert get attacked by a phantom helicopter that turns into a robot, trying to get some information from the Defense Department mainframe; a few get out alive;
- Little annoying MP3 thingee gets on Air Force One and successfully hacks into mainframe (totally proves Homeland Security is a joke);
- Slightly geeky, but very cute teenage boy tries to raise money for his first car by selling items on eBay that belonged to his great-grandfather, who made some mysterious discovery in the North Pole (a naturally cold place…) and eventually went crazy;
- Boy gets car, even though he doesn't sell aforesaid mentioned items on eBay; car turns out to have strange powers, luckily for our boy, they are powers that protect rather than destroy him;
- Government tries to mobilize against expected onslaught – world is without communications (Net, phone, TV). All that is left is shortwave radio – brush up on your Morse Code skills people;
- Geeky guys plus gorgeous chick bring in slacker to help identify code and virus in the Def Dept mainframe shutting down world wide communications;
- The rest of Autobots arrive on earth, introduce themselves to slightly geeky boy and really hot girl he has won over, give the back story about a cube, unlimited power and really bad guys. They establish that it's a good thing that those spectacles of his great-grandfather didn't sell on eBay;
- Oh, BTW, both the Autobots and the Decepticons get all kinds of information from the Net, be careful what you put on it;
- The Gov't brings together the Marine survivors, the cyber geeks, and boy hero + girlfriend to view Megatron. Why, I don't know. Guess it's kind of like the moment in every action flick when the villain explains the why, how and next just in time for the hero to foil the insidious plot;
- The heroes take the v important cube to a city with lots of people and a great battle ensues, lots of bots get hurt or killed (yes, they can die, which is why, at that point, I was still worried about My Wheels), oh and I guess some humans die too;
- Boy hero saves the day by implanting the cube in Megatron instead of Optimus Prime as instructed;
- The Decepticons are killed (or were they?) and dropped down some ocean seven miles under water; we're told that the sub-freezing temperatures and pressure will keep the Decepticons at bay (yeah, right);
- The Autobots decide to stay on earth; guess My Wheels figures he better meet me, right? And watch over us poor, stupid, warlike, but kinda nice humans, just in case bad guys darken our earthstep again.

And that's about it. Now that I've written it down (and I left out a lot), I realize there's a plot (kind of). Okay, so much of it doesn't really make sense, but isn't he gorgeous – great abs, arms and legs?
…check out that steel structure…

And he's tall, ya know I like the tall ones.

Heck, I give up trying to convince you.

See the damned movie yourself! But remember, Optimus Prime is all mine.


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to participate in the wedding phenomenon that is (was) 07.07.07. According to a Los Angeles Times story that ran two weeks ago, yesterday was the busiest day for weddings in recent history. The convergence of the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the new century (not exactly, but you get the idea) means that Vegas was booked solid baby! I, along with many other black folk, converged on a bucolic backyard in Baldwin Hills for my (black female) cousin's marriage to a black man. This is her first marriage, she being on the sunny side of 35 and the groom the sunny side of 40. See, not so endangered as the netnoise may have you believe. In addition to the newly married couple, there were young & old ones; there was only one IR couple and only three white couples. What with all of the talk about IBMs choosing every woman than BW at every opportunity, I was half expecting to see at least a good fourth of BM in IR couples. What I found was the opposite; BM with their wives and girlfriends of years; single BM talking to BW with a gleam in their eye (hoping to get some I imagine). I have to admit, the one guy who was with a WW, is someone I used to go to school with. Yeah, he dated WW back then too.

So, the lesson for today, the day after completion, is that people will find love where it presents itself; black, white, whatever… And we should be happy for them; they have found their completion. Have we found our own?


The First Animated Interracial Couple

Captain Roy Fokker

A veteran pilot of the Global Civil War, one of the first pilots of test of the hunts Varitech and the leader of the famous "SKULL" squadron until he dies, after being hurt in an attack by the Zentraedi.

Claudia Grant

In charge of communications (shades of Uhura? - sorry for the pun) of the SDF-1, always a calm, yet humorous spirit on the bridge during battle. Roy chooses to spend his last moments with her instead of going directly to the hospital.

How progressive that the relationship was conceived and executed in Japan!

Wouldn't you know they killed him off? One of the saddest death scenes in animation (along with Optimus Prime, of course).

Always tragedy in IR relationships!



I've been tagged. I must give eight random facts about myself on my blog. Ideally, I'm supposed to tag eight other bloggers. Honestly, I don't know eight other bloggers that haven't already been tagged, sooo... I'll just post the random but v important stuff.

  1. My favorite childhood television series is Giant Robot. I can't wait until it's on DVD; I've been waiting for years. I used to watch the movie on channel 5, back when they showed the 8 o'clock movie several nights in a row; pure kid heaven.

  2. I collect masks from around the world. I have them up on one of my walls and will branch out to the rest of house as I get more. I adore aboriginal art from all continents.

  3. I think Tommy Lee Jones is mucho sexy; ugly but damned sexy.

  4. I lived in Connecticut for two months when I was 16. It was the longest two months of my life.

  5. I have met Nancy Peloisi and John Shalikashvili - that's two degrees away from all kinds of important people!

  6. I voted for Howard Dean in the California primary in spite of "the (infamous) scream".

  7. I have floated in the Dead Sea.

  8. I must have put my hands in every church in Europe's holy water; I thought that the basins were for hand washing. I'm hoping this mistake means I'm super blessed and not super stupid.


Keith Olbermann, Quite Possibly the Coolest Man on the Planet

When I was younger, I had crushes on all sorts of guys - Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy, Scott Baio... Even today, I can name bunches of guys I think are super cute -Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Russell Wong, Chris Botti, Tiki Barber, just to name a (very) few. But, I think that Keith Olberman blows them all away. First by his urbane appearance, second by his savage articulateness, but finally, and most devastatingly, by his reasoned courage. If you have not seen his special comment on this eve of Independence Day - you should.


Diggin' for Fool's Gold

Ladies, are you a gold digga?

Raise your hand please; I need to take a count.

Are your best girlfriends gold diggas? Do you know many gold diggas? And if so, how do they pick marks? Where do gold diggas hang out? What kind of men are they (you?) interested in meeting/dating/marrying?

I keep hearing about gold diggas (GDs) from all kinds of men - white (WM), black (BM), latino (LM); not so much from asian men (AM). AM, if you want to chime in on the subject, please do. I'm guessing the feedback won't be much different. And yet, somehow, I missed this great upheaval - this shift change in women and the way we interact with men. Apparently, the way the pick up goes these days is something like this:

"Hi I'm Mike. How you doin' tonite?"

"My name is Jenny. I want another drink and if you don't buy it for me, as well as pay for all of my hair and nail appointments, my rent, my car payments, all of my clothes and take me to eat every night at some place other than Carl's Jr., then you can step to the side and let the next sucker up to bat. You have a snow ball's chance in hell of getting any of this coochie... Oh, and what kind of car do you drive?"

"Uh, was that a cosmo you were having?"

Okay, so maybe it's not quite that clear cut, but dudes come on! I think we all know that most GDs are easily identifiable by the "Super GD" tattooed on their forehead, not to mention their perfectly manicured nails, impeccable hairstyle, even golden copper tan, super shiny ride (you know how much car washes cost these days? At least $15 a pop plus tip!) and revealing clothing. Oh, these women are a wonder - and quite rare, which is why I'm wondering how so many regular guys are coming across them. Has Hyde lowered it's admission policy? Does every man think he's Donald Trump (lurd help us if any man besides Donald Trump, actually thinks he's The Donald)?

So who are men referring to? Who is this creature who is out for his money -- the little bit of money they have? Perhaps that's why these men are hypersensitive to women politely inquiring as to their earning ability, spending habits and discretionary funds. I say, the men who worry about women getting into their pockets usually don't have anything in them in the first place. All the more reason to be concerned someone will find out those credit cards are maxed out. Last time I checked, money was the great equalizer. A man might not have the best looks, be over 6', have the body of an Adonis, or be the greatest lover -- but he's got da benjamins! A woman will over look many things to ensure her offspring are well cared for. And how does a man do that? He does it by having money! It's like being one of the biggest, baddest hunters on the plains. He can bring home the bacon...

I think we've got some confusion in the room. Women, after dating a man for a few minutes, will begin to assess his net worth. This is relevant information and a long term frame of mind. She needs to know if he's a loser or winner. She's not trying to get you to write a check; she's trying to decide if she should let you get her down the aisle or at least stay on her dance card for the foreseeable future. She is not trying to take your two Franklin Mint dollars or autographed Air Jordans. For goodness sake, she might have more than you know she does. She might have stocks. She probably buys her own jewelry. She might even have a decent 401k. This woman will sign a prenup. She will have things she should protect, as do you and she will understand. What she won't do is put up with a man who is stingy with his money, for she knows that a man who is stingy with his funds is also stingy with his emotions. And she's an ED, an emotional digga; and she's worth it. Don't be fooled by the shiny things.

Now tell me, would the world cave in if, every once in a while, a man sprang for a $35 combination french tip mani/pedi, including tip?

I didn't think so.